The new Forza Monthly host is not qualified for her job

Now, normally if I was the only one thinking this, i’d just leave it alone, but returning to this month’s Forza Monthly’s comment section, I this most of the other players would overwhelmingly agree. Kate Yeager has no clue what she’s doing. I’m going to clarify this isn’t a hate post, but there’s a fine line between being new and having no clue what’s going on.

First off she knows nothing about cars. This is one of the more forgivable aspects, as Forza Horizon is a game, not a car magazine or news site or whatever. Heck, my car knowledge is a likely a solid 3/10. But i’d bet one car trivia night i’d win by a landslide against her. That’s saying something. She really has barely any concept of car culture or mechanics, even the basics. Another issue that’s a bit more glaring, she has no clue how to properly play Horizon 4. And judging by the fact Motorsport’s gameplay is a harder version of that, I’d bet she can’t play any Forza games properly. She just fumbles around bumping into things and literally likes using a camera mode meant for specialized rigs. Seriously, watch her play, my muscle memory from my ~500 hours of Horizon was making me cringe. She also doesn’t really seem to be fit for presenting and explaining things. I’m sure she’s a really sweet person off-camera, but she seems to be trying to hard. I really miss Mechberg’s casual, yet pumped style for presenting Forza Monthly. She’s just acting way to quirky and it’s really forced. One of the most alarming facts presented in the stream, she’s playing the Eliminator mode, and drives straight into the Horizon Festival. She drives into the festival and genuinely doesn’t recognize where she is. You know, the hub of the entire game? Where you start, what the entire game’s based off of? This goes to show she probably hasn’t played the game outside of mandatory requirement.

That’s the issue. She just doesn’t seem passionate. She doesn’t care about the Forza franchise. She’s just doing this because it’s “video-gamey” and that’s not what a monthly livestream needs. Why not have someone on that people would actually recognize and enjoy, like Don Joewon Song? I mean, he’s a father now and probably can’t, but you get the idea. If you guys need a female streamer for “diversity” or “feminism” I can guarantee you there’s chicks out there that play and actually enjoy the Forza Horizon games, cars, or both. Even someone with extensive car knowledge who’s willing to learn to play the game would hold a stream much better than her.

And i’m not alone, then entire reason for this post is the comment section seeing I wasn’t alone on her incompetence, and not by a long shot, either.

Kristofer Stoll (13 likes)-
“Get rid of the “Token Girl” and get someone who can #1. Play the game and #2. Isn’t so obviously out of her depths when it comes to cars… I honestly don’t care if it they get another female, just make sure she knows how to play and isn’t making a mockery of the franchise (in other words if you can’t find a female to fit that criteria then, dun da da da, hire a guy.) … smh… She is trying way too hard to come across like she’s hardcore but it is SOOO obvious that she should be playing Candy Crush.”

Ghost4Z (28 likes)-
“The Huracan sounds acceptable and the AE86 actually sounds really good but the lady is so darn annoying!”

HG504 (18 likes)-
“Is it so hard to find someone who’s actually good at the game, knows about cars and isn’t cringeworthy?”

Eric Clay (8 likes)-
“Not a fan of the new presenter. Also, 90% of this is just a repeat of the other Forza Horizon Torben Tuesday presentation and trying to make eliminator sound like the best thing ever.”

W4VY (6 likes)-
“god, from her knowledge of cars while playing a car game i couldn’t tell if she was 7 or 70 lmao”

Breyzipp (1 like)-
“This girl’s voice and cringe is absolutely horrible!!! Who on earth thought it was a great idea to put her on the show? I’m not watching anymore until she’s replaced.”

There’s several more comments like this, but they didn’t have the large amount of likes to properly prove my point. Feel free to go to the video’s comment section below and scroll through. We’re not asking for her to be fired, kicked out, or anything. We just need a competent host of any gender you see fit, that’s all.

Forza Monthly | January 2020 - YouTube (FORZA MONTHLY- JANUARY 2020)


I mean, you could just stop watching rather than get all worked up and write a book about it.


Yes, but I want to watch and enjoy it.


Reminds me of the Sam Fox Brit Awards! I think that Kate Yeager needed to play the game a lot more before she played it LIVE.

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This woman perfectly fits their target, bad news, it is not people like you or me. Target is people who have no single idea what abs stands for. She is just in the same situation the others were when they joined, she will learn to prepare some Q/A , having a few information about a car in order to look like she is an expert. His job is to present, she is a professional of that, no doubt. For someone that doesn’t know anything about games and FH, she did pretty well given the circumstances.

Game core is no longer racing in open worlds etc, that was FH before, now, FH core is Eliminator/danses/stuff/clothes/wheel spins period.


Well it’s not just she, same could say most of the peoples who have make horizon, you can really say that they are really just working with horizon without having any passion to play forza by themself. Just watch every of the montly streams and look the answers that what those guys have been playing fornite, PUBG etc really rarely you can hear anyone playing forza outside of work. And IMO that shows up it seems like they couldnt care less abaout cars or car culture but instead try to make new fortnite with cars.

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This, so much. I can relate to that from my very short experience in game development. I did game development for fun a few years ago, and working on a game is utterly different from playing the same game. Play the game you’re working on for a living and you it’s very hard to not think about what you have to work on the next work day.

Edit : That is only for the point made that the game devs aren’t passionate about cars and/or Forza.


I might have missed it but why isn’t Mechberg hosting anymore?
I wondered about it during the last stream and thought it might be related to Holidays but now?

I really miss his presence. Less bustling yet enthusiastic enough to keep me invested.
AND he seems to have interest in cars and knowledge about them and car culture. On top he is a good enough driver to present gameplay accordingly.
That Eliminator round with Kate was unwatchable.
I would argue the people who watch the streams are among those who are most interested and involved in the Forza franchise.
The presenter should be fitting for this audience.


he left- more info here

That’s unfortunate to hear. I don’t question Kate’s capability of being a good host - she is if you like the exhilarated nature.
She simply doesn’t seem to fit in the whole cars/driving game environment. I see no passion for it, no experience and I can’t stand such horrible driving from presenters. In FM it will be even worse.


Yeah tried to watch it …
it was like trying to watch a 6 year old play it for the first time … it just got annoying

as it is her job … a few days weeks being totally immersed in FH4 it would change … maybe she was revealed too soon with too little FH4 experience ?

she’s kinda easy on the eye but if people want eye candy there are other websites for that :slight_smile:

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She’s not a dev so hardly up to her armpits in code all day …

in a position to promote the game to the ‘community’ you would at the very least to understand the game - doesn’t appear to from where I’m sitting

She ndeed does a completely different job from the people making Forza games. I haven’t seen her so I can’t say how good or bad she is at playing the game, but I would imagine imagine that if she is not genuinely interested in car games, it’ll be obvious. Like RayneSE said, if Miss Yeager was hired as an host, it’s because she has competencies as an host.

Mechberg was a pro at hosting these events. When I learned of his leaving I knew things would be different. I was not wrong.


I wonder if a big part of his leaving had to do with a culture shift at Forza so he didn’t really fit in anymore. After all the FH4 PG livestreams and the more recent Forza Monthlies with Kate, I get the impression that Forza is no longer really interested in pursuing car enthusiasts as their core players, and is instead well on its way to becoming yet another has-been franchise that sold out on what made their games great in the first place, choosing instead to chase the latest shiny game and market trends. This usually ends very poorly, as the players who come in following the shiny game trends will leave just as quickly, and the core playerbase has now been alienated so there’s nobody left who cares about the franchise.

I also found it a bit hypocritical for the overall Forza lead to be talking about accessibility, while in the meantime FH4 continues to arbitrarily block access to cars behind time gates (poor accessibility for people with busy RL schedules outside of the game) and multiplayer (not kind to players with certain mental conditions).


still on the impression phase, really ? :slight_smile:

Forza Horizon 4 jumped the shark. Yikes!