The new barn find

Little disappointed about it actually, love the car though, love that it was added as a barn find.

But, there was no talking for the showing of the area, no little radio spot, the lines Warren gives about the car when you get to the barn is exactly the same as the ones he says for the LM002, just with the name of the car being changed, and no lines once you come out of the barn. (I’m guessing there’s no new lines, if any lines at all, for when he tells you to pick the car up) I’ll be really quite disappointed if there’s no lines when you pick it up from the garage.

Edit: And as soon as I edited in “(I’m guessing there’s no new lines, if any lines at all, for when he tells you to pick the car up)” mine becomes available to collect, and there’s no lines there either. Quite disappointing to be honest.

There is a set of lines when you pick it up from the garage, nothing specific to the car but I don’t recall there being any other barn finds with those lines.

When its ready to be picked up Warren says his lines from when it needs to be left with him for restoration.


Well its a free car and I like that they do it via a barn find. Hopefully more cars that didn’t make the transition from FM6 to FH3 will find their way via the barn finds.

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What is the new Barn Find

oops don’t want to spoil.

A FM6 car pass DLC car.

It’s not that big of a surprise but not a bad car either.

Others, don’t click if don’t want to be spoiled:
The barn find car.

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My favorite generation of that model!!!


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Thanks so much, man. Also, great car, wanted it in FM6 but didn’t want that DLC

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A nice car for sure. I don’t think it would have made a lot of difference whether it was a barn find or a Forzathon reward or just a straight up free DLC though.

True, though I’d rather it was this, or the free DLC over being a unicorn car though.

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Aah common, it’s nice the devs do the extra effort of making it a barn find instead of just adding it for free to the autoshop. :slight_smile:

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anyone else having an issue with the game locking up when finding it? just sits there with warren and my character scratching their asses and nothing happens, im on pc, i force close the game and it didnt save that i found it and it locked up again.

My game locked up on a couple of the earlier barn finds and I had to restart. I was worried that the game would never get passed it but I was eventually able to get them all even though I had to restart multiple times. If waiting doesn’t work, restart and keep trying.

I’m on PC and it worked fine for me. If the problem persists, check out the PC support subforum and start a thread on it if there’s not one already to see if others are having the issue.

On xbox mine went ok but after they are standing in the barn they seemed to wait a little while before allowing me to leave. I just waited it out.

Not sure if you fixed it or not yet. The best way ive found is to alt+tab out of the game but leave it open. Then start a different graphics intense game. I use fallout 4. Play for 3 or 10 minutes, alt+tab back to FH3 and you will have your barnfind and the game will be unfrozen. Then close the other game.

The last 1000 rpm on this car sounds quite nice in my opinion.

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I won’t say no to a free car! Plus, I like this model/generation. It has such nice lines.

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