The Murcielago

Stupid question, but how do I get it? It’s the only car I’m still confused about.

Midnight Battles, which you unlock by playing Street Races, which you unlock by beating drivatars on free roam.
Or you can grab one up in the Auction House.

Thanks Boxxout, I’ll just go for the midnight battles, they’re quite pricey in the auction house.

I win it in the wheelspins

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You’re thinking of a different lambo

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The Murcielago is in fact in wheelspins or atleast has been.


So much for being exclusive reward for a midnight battle then

I’ve seen the RX7 in them as well.

Speaking of the Murcielago why is it automatic?

Because Murciélago SVs with manual transmission are rarer than pandas these days.

Really, the bulk of the production was cars with automated transmissions.

At least the “auto” in a Lamborghini is still an actual manual transmission, just with an electrohydraulic shifter (so it can be set in auto or driven as a sequential manual through the paddle-shifters) rather than a slushbox. I’d still prefer a proper manual though, having driven an e-Gear Gallardo in real life it is quite agricultural at low/medium speeds (you can tell it is a normal single-clutch manual with a robot shifter, as opposed to a DSG or manualised slushbox) and only really makes sense when you’re absolutely flogging it

Ah, that explains it. I prolly couldn’t done research, but I knew someone would have had to know on here. Thanks, man =)