The most lackluster multiplayer experience ever

I know there are many topics about that, but if Turn10 say there is a fix and nothing has changed, sorry i have to write about it. How is this meant to be an online multiplayer experience, if you drive 500 meters with another player and he disappears? That is just a joke.

To be honest, i really like the rest of the game, but this simple part drives me crazy.


Use the convoy to drive/stay with them. Its their new feature where the game/ai/whatever decides wich online player are loaded around you

I know, but that does not make it better. It is the worst open world mp experience ever.


Well i just tried to open convoys. Most of the players left the convoy shortly after because even then we have not been able to see each other. That has to be a joke. How did this pass quality control?

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QA is currently been done - by us. It’s sad but it’s the state AAA-gaming has evolved into.


Game Developers seem to have looked at Football Manager as the benckmark for gaming…namely, let the players work out the bugs. That game used to release in a November and the Developer always released 3 Updates in the first 6 months to fix bugs…it was scheduled and never varied. Horizon 5 is nowhere near as bugged as FM was every single year and at least we get more regular updates/fixes

But, yeah, Horizon 5 comes across as having had limited testing, no Quality Control done and having been rushed to get it released. You do wonder if Motorsport was taking longer than expected so they rushed Playground into releasing FH5…and all the Gold nonsense was them trying to convince us it was all planned and all is good

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