The Mazda 787 makes me want to quit Forza.

I know the title is a little dramatic but honestly its how I feel when I play P class in multiplayer. I am not a slow driver but if I want to win in P class multiplayer races I have to hope that the people who are driving the Mazdas suck. That car has such an unbelievable pace that it makes the non-dlc P cars look like they should be in a lower category. Turn 10, can we please have a free P class car that is somewhat competitive with the 787? Pretty please? No? Okay.jpg


The 787 is really nice. I highly recommend it


Genuinely made me laugh.


yeah current gen LMP1 cars have always gotten the short end of the stick since every game has had Group C cars in it that are/were legitimately faster due to the series rule sets then and now. hell, i think it was forza 3 where even LMP2 cars were smoking everything. but im old so might be wrong on the game #.

not sure if there is a solution other than breaking up the class further. i am sure every other class has the same problems with certain cars though.

my friends and I run R18s between each other, 3 times even in public lobbies, and whoever gets the fasted lap wins.

Unless Turn 10 breaks up the class to something like Modern P and Classic P the Group C cars will dominant.

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closest you can get to mazda with the none DLC cars is the Ferrari 333P, it’s tough keeping up with them though, but thats your best shot.

Drive faster.



The 787b, I love driving it. It so choice, if you have the means…, and if you don’t have then get the means. Overtime, mow a lawn, sell something.

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Excellent! Wondering who would notice.

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lol love that movie! :slight_smile:

Spending 50$+ just for a car? You gotta be kidding.

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They have other classes you know.

How about make it DLC single car purchasable, its an absolute kick in the teeth its VIP only !!

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That’s because you don’t have it.

If you had it, it’d likely be one of the few reason you’d be so jealous and over-protective of your FM5’s game disc.

They need to release a sauber c9


Love that car in 4 totally agree.

And the Pug.905!

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Love Peugeot’s first manufacturer I got to max affinity level in both 4 and 5 so I have to agree again.