The Longest Race in Forza History

Now I’m not positive this actually is the Longest Race in Forza History, but it has to be pretty dang close. I’m sure everybody on these forums has known about the Goliath Circuit that gets unlocked at Byron Bay level 5, but I’m not sure if anybody has done 50 Laps of the Goliath Circuit. I saw that somebody did 15, but I didn’t actually read the post. Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to test out what the rewards would be for a 50 Lap Goliath Circuit. I calculated an estimated finishing time of about 10 hours, and finished in just under. I was using a Horizon Edition Subaru BRZ, so I got an XP bonus from that. I also activated the perks Double Down(double credits from next exhibition race), and The XP Bump(earn triple skills XP from the next 3 campaign races). The results were as follows.

Finished First:2,159,888
Difficulty and Assists:1,619,916
Lineup Bonus:1,107,483
Perk Bonus:2,159,888

Finished First:1,741,845
Lineup Bonus:377,980
Horizon Edition Car:1,741,845
Perk Bonus:802,624
Clean Racing:188,810

If there are any questions anybody has, I will be sure to answer them as soon as possible.

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Very informative! I would suggest using skill boost car instead of XP boost. If you can keep it clean, keep off the rewind button , you would make higher perk and skills XP bonus above.

Huracan HE is much faster then brz and time required would come down quite a bit, not setting any records I do 9:45 laps that’s being comfortable and trying to keep it clean and not pushing to max in S2 car. (There are faster cars) but that would bring it down to just over 8 hours

Don Joewon did 50 laps in a Huracan HE and got 9M+ xp in just under 10 hours: Forza Horizon 3 - The 9,600,000XP Race - How to Level up 100 Times - YouTube

10 hours??? I got better things to do. Eat, sleep, sex maybe. No way I would spend 10 hours on ONE RACE. Get those credits elsewhere


Looks like I’d better get playing to unlock this circuit - good to know for sure. It’s the reason I peruse these forums in the first place, cause there is always something someone else knows that you don’t !

After what happened to me last night, I’ll likely never attempt a 50 lap Goliath race even though it would sound like a lot of fun. Yesterday evening, my game froze, then crashed back to the Xbox dashboard when I was on lap 13 of 14. I’ll most likely be going back to just 10 lap races, since I’ve had no problems whatsoever there.

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You know what! That dumb sh*te keeps happening to me, makes me wonder why I didnt get the disc version. The digital freezes way more, its annoying

maybe because of Cross-Buy and Early Access ?

Hey its possible, it happens when i’m online much more. While I was completing the campaign, never had a issue

If Longest = Time:
50 Laps of Goliath = Longest in history? Nah.
50 Laps of Nurburgring Full in a stock Isetta? That might just fit the bill.

If Longest = Distance:
Not sure if Nurburgring Full is longer, but in FM6 you can set a specific time limit instead of laps. If you set max time and get in the Ferrari 641, I think you can still beat 50 laps of Goliath.

50 laps of Goliath is over 1,400 miles (over 2,300 km). I think I read somewhere (unless they changed it) that 4 hours is the max timed race in FM6, and there’s no way you’ll cover that distance in 4 hours.1 Goliath lap is about 28.88 miles (over 46 km), since my typical 10 lap race there is 288.8 miles.

You can do stock 13hp isertta at Goliath. A bit over 35minute. Make sure to pop clutch on some of down hill sections to go faster then 55mph and some of the up hill sections you be as slow as 30 couple mph.

So pretty sure Goliath wins both longest time and distance.
28 miles vs 16.1 miles.

If you do 35minute laps (isetta) you could if game doesn’t freeze and reset run a full 24 hour race in 41 laps. And 29hours total for 50 laps. So I think you are mistaken silver arrow.

Doing math backwards if you could build vehicle that did 28.8 minute laps you could actually set up 24 hours of Horizon AU



+1000 for knowing how long it takes that BMW to lap Goliath. Good stuff. This is a man that likes to drive.

Is xp based on time or distance travelled?

Distance, I think. That’s the case in all other Forza games, so I don’t see why this one would be any different.

I wonder how many days/weeks it would take to do 50 laps of Goliath in a stock D class car …

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just using a quick calculation, if you use a muscle car, 16 hours

Maybe some time I’ll have to find out, when its summer or something.

Distance from what I noticed. So faster is better usually. (Assuming you can keep clean and skills chains going)

Kind of surprised it is not more credits, especially given that’s not even enough for the most expensive cars in the game. I have 31 more cars to acquire, and need 120m credits for those - so do 50 laps times 20 maybe? Damn.

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