The Kingsmen Crew's Official DRAG WARS!

The Kingsmen – Crew [TKMC] DRAG WARS!
Drag Wars consist of 20 player (include the 2 leaders). This event is a competition based style which includes Winning brackets and losers bracket. This event will also be weekly! At this point in time there will be a prize of joining the [TKMC] crew, There will be money prizes etc at a later date! We are creating this event for fun and enjoying some Forza Horizon 2. This will also be recorded or streamed game play!


  • GT – Legend 4N [TKMC]
  • GT – EXODUS Supreme [TKMC]
  • Car restriction’s the NO Ultima GTR and Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale if any of these cars seen dragging in the competition, You will not be QUALIFIED!
  • Do not talk unless you’re given the opportunity to by the leaders until after the run down of the event!
  • Always follow the set course. Youtube video will be out soon explaining the course also leaders will explain the course when players are in the lobby.
  • No being a troll and crashing into people otherwise you will be put on a BAN LIST and won’t be able to compete again!
  • Make sure to have fun!

Things you need to know:
Xbox one ONLY!
Game Chat will be used!
Message for Invite (Bring friends)
Location “ Aerodrome Airstrip”
Course will be explained in detail in upcoming video and also on race day!

Any Question private message either the 2 Leaders
Alfie “Legend”: GT: Legend 4N, Twitter: @LegendsXV, Youtube: /UCDSfXyTl3uq9oDgI18Hy_ZQ [TKMC]
Jackson “Supreme” GT: EXODUS Supreme, Twitter: @SupremeTHEGOAT, Youtube: NA [TKMC]

Wouldn’t this go in the Club Lounge or Racer’s Lounge?

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Was posted in the racer’s lounge as well. Wanting to get the best turn out but seems not many people are wanting to attend

That’s not how we do things here.

Enthusiasm and event running is welcome but please stick to the most on-topic one forum.