The Kingsmen Crew's Official DRAG WARS!

The Kingsmen – Crew [TKMC] DRAG WARS!
Drag Wars consist of 20 player (include the 2 leaders). This event is a competition based style which includes Winning brackets and losers bracket. This event will also be weekly! At this point in time there will be a prize of joining the [TKMC] crew, There will be money prizes etc at a later date! We are creating this event for fun and enjoying some Forza Horizon 2. This will also be recorded or streamed game play!


  • GT – Legend 4N [TKMC]
  • GT – EXODUS Supreme [TKMC]
  • Car restriction’s the NO Ultima GTR and Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale if any of these cars seen dragging in the competition, You will not be QUALIFIED!
  • Do not talk unless you’re given the opportunity to by the leaders until after the run down of the event!
  • Always follow the set course. Youtube video will be out soon explaining the course also leaders will explain the course when players are in the lobby.
  • No being a troll and crashing into people otherwise you will be put on a BAN LIST and won’t be able to compete again!
  • Make sure to have fun!

Things you need to know:
Xbox one ONLY!
Game Chat will be used!
Message for Invite (Bring friends)
Location “ Aerodrome Airstrip”
Course will be explained in detail in upcoming video and also on race day!

Any Question private message either the 2 Leaders
Alfie “Legend”: GT: Legend 4N, Twitter: @LegendsXV, Youtube: /UCDSfXyTl3uq9oDgI18Hy_ZQ [TKMC]
Jackson “Supreme” GT: EXODUS Supreme, Twitter: @SupremeTHEGOAT, Youtube: NA [TKMC]