The Jaguar XJ13 is released, and it's a pure masterpiece

Hello Again, seems the Car pass is still going as it does, releasing a free car weekly, we are 2 weeks close to find if the FXX-K Evo’s performance.

But this week, Forza fans now can get the wheel of this historical car that is totally not the rival of the Ferrari P4, the Jaguar XJ13.

and to start, I love this car on the game, it’s sound just ressembles it’s engine GT sport style, and surprisingly, it can go to 200 mph at stock, it handles nicely, everything is great, plus, we can upgrade it (too bad we couldn’t push it to more than 220 at max original engine with both spoilers on AWD), and oh boi, you can upgrade it to reach it’s top speed super quick, handle better and normal upgrading system stuff…

OH and my favourite, they given it a Racing V12 ! So since some of us love having racing cars in any games, We can install the engine and say it’s like the Red bull X2011 Prototype… But in the 70s !

For a car that was released for it’s first time on a popular game like Gran Turismo 5, it now has made it’s Debut on Open World racing games with Forza Horizon 5, we can say it one of the greatest releases in cars for us Forza fans, and in marketing to Playground, they can get some Gran Turismo fans from that :slight_smile:


Only 200mph? lol. I hope its pretty at least.

It’s strange that you can open the engine compartment, but can’t view the engine as you can with other cars. Not sure if that’s a bug or an oversight.