The invisible turbo Rip Rod.

Finally decided to drive this thing that’s been sitting in the garage for so long…and I’m TRIGGERED lol. I hear spool up sounds followed immediately by blow off valve sounds, so I pull up the telemetry to see it makes boost. Went into the garage to tune it and it has an intercooler that can be upgraded. The only problem is you can see the entire exhaust system and engine and it’s straight piped directly from the cylinder head (ain’t no turbo in there)…and this can be seen pretty much all the time. Oh well, guess I’ll have to pretend that it’s just a centrifugal supercharger buried in front of the engine where I can’t see it.

Its a Hot Wheels car with a new type of fantasy turbo :wink:


In Reallife they built this car with a 1.0 Ford Ecoboost 3- Cylinder and even this got a turbocharger. It must be the same Engine in-game either.