The intelligence of the average Forza player

[Edit - Belittling other players is not acceptable here. - MM]

I am struggling to see why people are paying 4.5 mil plus for the Bentley when its on the Autoshow for 4 mil and the most expensive tune wont be more than 100k

It’s that way with almost any car with even the slightest demand on it. I have no idea why people are doing it but you might as well take advantage.

A lot of cars people seem to happily pay WAY more than auto show value to get them in the auction house, makes no sense to me, but if users like throwing away credits, guess that is their right.

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It’s all about doing your homework. Players should visit the Autoshow before buying from the auction house. If players choose to overpay in the auction house, oh well. No big deal. It’s just a game.

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I don’t think that the Autoshow is in an obvious place in the menu system. I remember missing it for about 3 months when I first started playing.

Not obvious? It is the huge square in the middle of the buying page. The Auction House is less obvious with it being a smaller square in the corner.

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and most of the times good perks (car masteries) for those auction cars unlocked by the seller… which made them worse to buy

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I try to avoid the Auction House. The few times I’ve looked there in the past for a car available in the Autoshow it’s been selling for as much or more, so I really don’t tend to bother in those cases…

It’s worth keeping an eye on the auction house. Some vehicles are screaming bargains (50-80% less than Autoshow).

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I dunno, the lunacy seeps through even on some of the bargain bin stuff. I’ve been seconds away from winning a bid, only for the car to get bought out even though there were plenty of far cheaper buy out prices on the same car available.

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Happens all the time. Happened to me last night for a few auctions. Best to ignore it and bid on another auction that’s about to end. FH4 was the same way.

lol? because there are always many people that are clueless and new to the game? even if you know prices in the autoshow are most of the times cheaper, you also know that beginners and other not so smart players wont know this, and they will go to the auction house. It has been always this way, and unless you send a specific msg to new players telling em “dont buy from the auction house, go to the autoshow first”, they are never going to understand that the auction house is stupid, period. It really doesnt serve any purpose.

You can sell cars there, but you cant do it for decent amounts of money unless you are a legendary. But turns out, once you are a legendary player, you dont need any money at all because you have plenty… then, you have people auctioning dlc cars, but turns out you cant buy those cars unless you own the proper dlc… then why are you going to buy them again? lol.

And many stupid design flaws in the auction house. But its something people use too often (for reasons i dont understand), so it needs to stay in the game.

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I got the corvette forza edition pretty cheaply in the auction house and none of the masteries had been unlocked, I just wanted to complete the FE cars.

Pretty sure I paid 62,00cr for it.

yea see people bidding on a cheap bid and soon the bidding is higher than the cheapest buyout and I just buy the cheapest buyout. My guess is most of the people that wait to buyout a bidding war last minute are the money cheaters.

IT seams like the ah community are so annoying buying out for a rip off my low bids close to auction.

Or…they just don’t place value on the virtual currency of a game that serves no purpose in saving credits.


Have you guys ever thought that it is a possibility that most players think the only way to buy a car is in the auction house?

the level of players mentality seems to fit the same one from the producing team. remember them everytime you wanna change your car and the game asks if you want it DELIVERED to you.

Wait ? You get that too ? I thought it was a special service ! !


Isn’t that a holdover from a previous game where they charged you a Fast Travel fee to deliver the car to you?

Whether it is habit, blindness, conditioning, or ignorance, it doesn’t matter. People who pay 5x the price when the cheaper venue is so obvious get what they deserve. It’s like someone driving an extra mile to get groceries at a more expensive store when they pass by a bigger store which carries the exact same thing for much cheaper.

Warning, long post:

Like IRL the AH allows people to flip cars for profit, and as there is no point in attempting to compete on any leaderboard at present, I’ve spent more time investigating other parts of the game I’ve never touched previously the AH being 1 of them.

I never understood previously why people would pay more for a car than what it’s worth, but if people choose to do so, then that’s on them. Just as it’s up to anyone who wishes to drive 100 miles in a 4+ mil car. For some I guess it’s time saving, AH cars typically come pre-tuned and pre-painted. Jump in and drive… All I know is if I pay more for a car it’s typically because it comes prepared for what I require, or I’ve missed out on obtaining it via a playlist due to being ill.


My AH Experience

I’m fortunate enough to have legendary status in FH5, in fact it’s the first time in any Forza game. I worked hard on the first day of play to transfer my previous paints across in to FH5. I picked my most liked ones from FH4 and made sure they looked good or better within FH5. Thankfully this paid off for me and I reached the legendary status in a few weeks after launch.

How did I start out? I sold a few duplicate cars in order to raise the cash to buy 5 Ferrari LaFerrari’s for 8 million each, and sold them with a custom tune and paint (not available anywhere else), making the cars rare to my followers and others who were willing to pay 20 mil for that privilege.

I then rinse and repeated this process when required until I had what I considered a lot of disposable credits.

What I do now; For every 6 cars I sell for 20 million, I buy 10 for 8 million then I put at least 2 of them back on the AH for approx 87k (can’t remember exact lowest price), then gift 2 to new players or returning players, as a means of sharing my legendary status with others, up until the point I run low of credits. Then I start the rinse and repeat process to raise more disposable credits.

My breakdown:

6 x 20 mil Sales = 120,000,000
Minus 15% (avg AH fee) = 18,000,000
Minus 10 x 8 mil Buy = 80,000,000

Sub profit = 22,000,000

2 x 87k Sales = 174,000
Minus 15% (avg AH fee) = 26,100

Total Profit = 22,147,900 + 6 Spare Cars to repeat above.

My way of looking at it; If a player can sell that 1 car gift or 87k car for 8 million in the AH (which at present will go in minutes), they can then buy a few other cars they want. Or they can keep it to add to their garage, the choice is theirs.

I’ve also bought a few SVJs and other rare cars from the AH and gifted these straight out to others again for the above reasons, and if I could I’d happily gift these to players who want 1 for their collection or have missed out on getting them for work or medical reasons… unfortunately I can’t and just pray they go to people who want them. I’m also lucky enough to own all the current legitimately obtainable cars within the game, so I don’t need many credits besides for creating or messing around with tunes. So I use my disposable credits to gift 20 mil AH cars to others randomly, when I can.

I’m not in the AH game to be greedy, I’m in it to help others by using the credits I raise to buy and gift rare cars to others. Although I know some players who don’t like gift cars, there is a vast array of players who do and are thankful for it being within the game. (If you don’t like them, just regift them or sell them, that’s what I do.)


There is a vast number of people who are using the AH to launder money, and it’s another aspect of the game that exploiting is occurring. There has been cars I’ve bought and the stats on them are messed up (glitched or modified accounts?), I’m worried that these cars could potentially get a player banned so I keep screenshots for evidence on how I obtained them, just in case and delete them from my garage which results in 8 million lost credits but it’s a risk you need to accept when dealing within the AH.

The AH should show the history of the car, and also the used car mastery within. This way a player can see if the car has been glitched or modified into the game. At present there is no way of knowing prior to collecting and unfortunately there is times where you simply forget to check and unwittingly have these within your collection. Typically the loading screens bring this to your attention when a strange status appears.

This is also true for gifted cars. The type of car should be showing prior to collecting (yes I know it’s intended to be a surprise but that’s a fault within itself). This way a player can choose if they want to collect the car or not. What I worry about is being banned for collecting a car that hasn’t officially been released because some cheater decided to mod it into the game and start gifting them out. I’m not sure if these cars are blocked from being gifted? But if not then they should be blocked like it is within the AH.


Like all aspect of the game, the AH is fun for some. I’ve personally started to enjoy the in’s and out’s (yes…maybe legendary status has had a part in this or maybe it’s because I can’t compete on the drift zones at present?). However for some people to class all AH legendary players as cheaters is OTT. Some of us use this as means to help others or at least try to help others, maybe I’m just a rare breed who believes “it costs nothing to be nice”?

What I do have a problem with, is that I have seen people who’ve had legendary status in previous games and sold a ton of cars for 20 million within these games suddenly complain about the AH in FH5 because they haven’t reach legendary status yet? What is that all about? Talk about “the pot calling the kettle black”. That to me shouts jealousy.


Sorry for long post, but I thought I’d explain from a non cheaters aspect, what the AH can be used for, along with legendary status in the sense of using it for the benefit of others.