The insanity of steering dampening

It has come to my attention that this game employs steering dampening, which cannot be turned off.

steering dampening is evil. nobody wants this.

yet developers are pushing this nonsense, ripping control away from the player.

when human beings drive a car, they want their steering input directly linked to what the car does. They don’t want some kind of stupid AI that interprets the steering input and then decides with a mind of its own how quickly and to what extend the command of the human should be applied. Get rid of steering dampening now.


Have you turned steering to “simulation” in the settings? I’m not sure what you mean by “dampening”.

yes, i have tried that. it has no effect on the dampening.

To clarify what i mean by dampening:
your inputs aren’t directly controlling the steering wheels. intead, the rate at which the in-game steering wheels turn is much slower than your input.

also, the extent to which steering is applied is reduced. You can have full left on your controller stick, but the in-game steering will only apply a little left.

other games such as dirt:rally do the same evil thing. here is a video from Dirt Rally and RBR for comparison. the behavior of forza is every bit as bad as dirt rally, so this video works as a reference Dirt Rally steering dampening vs RBR - short version - YouTube

no, it cannot.

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I see what you mean. Have you tried changing the advanced controls to make it better, like the dead zone and etc.? I feel like it’s necessary for the controller, as the range of movement isn’t the same as a steering wheel, but maybe with steering wheel input it will be optional. I think simulation is pretty close, even though it’s not perfect.

Dampening can be turned off by setting steering to simulation mode in the pre-race Difficulty/Assists menu.


Ehy, you’re talking about Forza Motorsports, this is console playing, where no Simulation ever occur :smiley:
Jokes apart, if you’re looking for simulation just change game, it’s an arcade-funnyish game and nothing more…forget about joypad linearity or driver seat adjustement (the steering wheel is 50% of the entire screen, gg Tech10) and other obvious things that every good racer would want (even if you’re using a joypad you can still enjoy simulation physics).

Steering non-linearity (or dampening) was the first thing I noticed, right before abandoning this beta, it’s a shame because the physics feel really fun (not a sim but fun!)…

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Fix your deadzones and switch to simulation steering. If that doesn’t satisfy you, then get used to the physics model.

Oh really, that’s a really nice suggestion

If a game has a problem, get used to the problem instead of solving it or call it out for a solve. Industry will get much better with veterans like YOU!

I will say that coming from Forza 4 the steering dampening is god awful. It makes the cars respond much slower. Even with all assists off it just feels wrong.

I couldn’t even get a classic Mustang into a drift without the handbrake at low speeds…

I honestly would like to see how the games physics would rank against the likes of “Live for speed”, Project Cars, Assetto Corsa, Iracing, Dirt Rally, etc, but right now without the wheel support, I’m just going to personally rate this game, rock bottom of the food chain, for now at least since it’s “Gamepad Controller” only at this point.

I really want to see and feel what a wheel can do for this game. I just hope that they will provide us with proper in game calibration tools, proper force feedback settings which can be adjusted, along with 900+ degree wheel support. as well as in game steering ratio which will turn 1:1 with the wheel, instead of this appalling 20 degree lock to lock in the actual game.

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agree the Damping is just stupid albeit it they will likely provide a option to turn it completely off when wheel support rolls around you sorta need some sort of speed-sensitivity for a controller
some options to control the sensitivity of the speed damping would be nice tho

Yes, because having a valid criticism for a game that has taken a step back since its predecessors is salty.

This game is in Beta. Hopefully that means T10 will listen to their community’s suggestions, they always have been very community oriented. By voicing our opinions we are letting T10 know what we do and don’t like about this game. That’s the whole point of releasing this Beta on PC, is for T10 to test the waters of PC racing games so to speak.

Maybe next time at least try to add to the thread instead of spamming.

I like the steering. It’s hard to get the car to drift which I like since I hate drifting. I can’t play at all on most of the tracks without all the assists except for the steering one turned on though. My braking skills are terrible and I’m off the road more than on a lot of times.

Yeah this really needs to be changed and makes the game unplayable using simulation controls when using a controller.
This is something that has bothered me ever since forza 5 and made the game feel more of a arcade racer than a simcade.
And for those who say this is supposed to be an arcade game that is completely wrong. Both forza 3 and 4 was leaning much more towards the simulation side when it both came to physics and handling and forza 4 rivaled and even surpassed gran turismo in some areas, so it is sad to see how it is now morphing more into purely arcade when there are so few good simcades around.
Forza 4 even when using a 360 controller gave you pretty much full control over the car when using simulation controls and I dont see why they just cannot let us turn that steering dampening feature off.

Simulation steering seems to disable counter steering smoothing (to some extent), but doesn’t really change the way the car handles (ie. like a damn boat). I understand the value of such a setting in a game designed for casual gamers playing on keyboards, but for seasoned racers it makes no sense. I thought we killed steering smoothing 15 years ago with the advent of the analog stick.

At the very least, we should be able to tune the effect. This is something most racing games designed for actual racers do (along with supporting toy steering wheels, but that’s another discussion).

+1 to turning steering dampening off. Why call it simulation mode when it’s not simulating anything other than trying to be annoying by not allowing me to turn the steering wheel the way I want.

Really struggling on the hairpins, full stick left and the game steering wheel is only about half way and I almost have to come to a complete stop before the game will allow me to turn. The car has plenty of grip to go around the corner at that speed but even if it didn’t I would want to learn that myself and actually have under stear as the tyres break traction from too much aggressiveness.

with a pad, i think the dampening is great. but i did try simulation steering for a bit & didnt notice a massive difference – it definitely doesnt eliminate it as is. i wonder if this is simply broken at the moment. as it is, id think the game would be almost unplayable with a wheel.

It might be fine for you guys who stick with normal, but for us who actually like having full control using simulation it is completely game breaking.
I drive worse in forza 6 than using simulation in forza 4 which did not have this steering dampening.

Simulation steering on a controller somehow accelerates the opposite locks, making saving a car MUCH HARDER because even a slight opposite lock turns the car to slide the opposite way in half a second.

I think sim steering only helps to prevent overcorrection when you start to slide. It does not get rid of the steering dampening, it’s pretty clear when you’re going low speed and move the stick all the way left or right. The car starts to turn very slowly, then speeds up its turning over the course of a couple seconds. It’s nonlinear steering and incredibly frustrating in my opinion, it really makes the cars feel unresponsive.

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