The Halo Experience Showcase is stunning

Fellow Drivers
Just needed to say that after "reach"ing level 20, the Halo Experience Showcase becomes available
Without doubt, its the best cross over experience I’ve yet witnessed in any title
Kudos to Playground for pulling this off


They did an amazing job with that showcase. Makes me want to go play all the Halo games again (after I’m done bingeing FH4)


It was kinda like a dark ride in a theme park. Weird, but fun.

Wow… I couldn’t disagree more.

I don’t understand the need for this cross over, Halo inclusion. It has nothing to do with Horizon. (And, I have absolutely zero interest in Halo).

The event itself is pointless. There is no race at all, just a completion. When I finished my first thought was, “now that was a waste of time”.

I find this to be the absolute worst (and unnecessary) of all Showcase events from any of the Horizon games.


No Fun Allowed


LOL, fun? I agree with Doug. I thought that it was about as much fun as playing dress up dolly.

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And there is your problem, the Halo showcase has several “fan service” moments in it, a few of which actually made me laugh and immediately envision the moments from 10+ years ago when I first came across them in Halo. I had a huge smile on my face when I got done with that event. I am also a big Halo fan and grew up with the franchise. For as far fetched as it is, Forza actually managed to tie it into the game fairly believably with the whole VR headset spiel, it is much better done and incorporated than the FH3 showcase was. I didn’t watch any of the Halo showcase game play before FH4 release so as I was doing the showcase, that was the first time I had seen any of it.

While the Warthog is kind of out of place in a Forza game, it is an awesome looking vehicle and an absolute blast to drive.


Agreed. It was blatant advertising from my point of view.


Are any of the showcases really races? You do them just for the visual flair, not because you think you’re actually faster than a jet or train lol.


I see many of the Showcase events having similarities to the adventures in Top Gear (the real one with Clarkson, May and Hammond) where the car would race a train, boat, plane, etc, but where the parameters of the race are fixed (different routes, etc) so that everyone is supposed to finish at about the same time. So yes, the vast majority of the Showcases in all Horizons do make sense and I do consider them to be races.

The inclusion of Halo, not so much. And yes, Horizon should be (and for the most part is) fun. The Halo event was not even fun for me, but just pointless.

Thank you! And there is way too much dress up dolly in the game as well.

And those Top Gear and Grand Tour set pieces are just as fixed and staged as the showcases in game are.

They are for entertainment. It’s substituting a fake vehicle in a fake race instead of just having a real car in a fake race.

Did you see the maneuvers the vulcan pulled in the final showcase. Aerodynamically impossible.

Tap your brakes or drift tap the wall on the fiesta one and the blue motocross guy slows down to time itself at the final jump.

I think the real problem with this (and other aspects of the game deigned unpure to real racing games by purists) is that they want to delude themselves into believing that because its racing and a “simulator” that its somehow different from all those other childish games. They, the pure racers, are somehow different, above others who play lesser genres.

The reality is that it is all a glorious, amazing waste of time. Enjoy it.

Stop looking for reasons to hate.

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. Well, you pretty much just restated what I said about the Top Gear events. Yes, they are staged events.

And, no need to go looking for things to hate… no, make that Heavily Dislike, … when they are right in your face…

I am glad for you that you are enjoying every bit of the game.

I am enjoying quite a bit of it, but not all.

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This type of event in Forza, would be blasphemous. But this is Horizon’s. These types of events are in all of them.

I personally thought it was very well done and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Some things CAN just be for entertainment value.


Wait is it literally a showcase called the Halo Experience?

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its amazing to me the things people will find to complain about…do you also complain when you buy a red apple, and it doesnt taste like a green one?

to the OP…i still havent done it…ive been saving it for i have enough time to do it 2-3 times lol.

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The game has to do two things at once, being both an arcade style game, and an open road compliment to Forza Motorsport. It’s probably impossible to do both without one intruding a bit on the other.

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I can’t believe how far the whiners are going on this forum. Why anyone actually complains about a showcase they don’t like is beyond me. It’s a few minutes game time you have to endure once. It’s like they just have to put a negative slant onto to any positive post they see.

I’m sure if any devs look at this mess they’d just shrug their shoulders and say “meh”. Any genuine gripes about the game are just getting swamped with hate.


So, that’s just poor reasoning there. The point of complaining about it is that it communicates to the devs that the poster doesn’t like this particular “experimental” slant and tempers the enthusiasm of the OP. I don’t like it either and my concern is that this experiment will be one of the expansion packs. I can see it now, Expansion 1) Halo, Expansion 2) Barbie Does Forza.

To assume that because someone complains about a feature that they have to put a negative slant on any post is poor extrapolation of data that you do not have and are ill equipped to analyze even if you did.

So genuine gripes are ones that you agree with? I suspect that you will find it challenging to define “genuine” in this context without it being directly connected to your opinion.

In general, I suspect that many of us feel similarly about this as we do about dress up dolly, it’s a diversion from an open world driving game where the focus is on driving…cars. There are so many more interesting things that could be improved about this game with respect to just driving cars in an open world that it is hard to imagine, beyond some unknown to us business reasoning, why the devs would waste their time with mini-skirts and aliens.

Fortunately for Microsoft and Turn Ten, there isn’t really much in the way of decent competition.

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I bet you’re great fun at a party.

What gives you the idea that I challenge poorly made arguments at parties? This is a forum where you tried to criticize another member without actually having an argument, not a party. I’m not surprised that’s all that you have though. That’s a common retort, a cliche even, from those who lack reasoning skills.