The Grind Is Over....

I just can’t face another lap of Goliath so my Grinding days are over… and with it my plans for reaching LVL 1000 before Xmas and having a blow out in the Black Friday Sales…

Think I will concentrate on the single player FM6 for the next few weeks to try and get Tier 6 unlocked as I’m 1000/1000 for FH3 although stuck at 99.3% completed according to the stats page…

Hopefully the expansion pack will give me something to look forward to in FH3…



I recommend not doing Goliath, Goliath, Goliath.

I run Goliath about 1/3rd of my time.

I grind on other tracks about 1/3rd of my time. Less efficient but more enjoyable, less sanity sapping.

I run either MP or rivals the other 1/3rd of my time.


I just play the game and collect the rewards when they come. You can make money quickly online in road trips, not as quickly as Goliath but it does switch things up well.

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I’ve set up championships (on blueprint) 10 races at 25-35 minutes… pretty nice,not boring and it also gains enough xp. Maybe try the same?

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Yeah, I’m also kinda tired of doing nothing but Goliath, even though it’s my favorite track. I’m now at level 901, and I hope to get the level 1,000 star by the end of this month, so I have two weeks left to get it within my preferred time frame. Since I’ve only completed 25/68 championships, I’ll start focusing on doing those championships, though I’ll likely still use the Blueprint feature to fit in a Goliath race within those championships because it’s my favorite track, but at least I’ll be racing on a variety of tracks and not just Goliath. Like DAGnoFEAR suggested, I will set up those championships to include 10 races, most likely 3 laps for Goliath and 30 laps for all other circuits/scrambles.

I’m sorry, but you complain about credits being too easy to come by. I can see why now, if all you’re doing is grinding out the track that pays out the highest amount.

That complaint was for FM6, not FH3. In FM6 the car prices were much lower and credits were very easy to earn, especially if you’re over level 1,000 because of the huge spins, so it was too easy to own almost all the cars (I say “almost” because garage limits would prevent you from having every car there) and I also hit the 999,999,999 credit cap, making the economy a joke. On the other hand, FH3’s car prices are much higher on some cars and the wheelspins are much smaller, so FH3’s economy makes more sense.

To be honest, I thought FM6 had it just right. At least for the amount of time I could play it for at any one time. Over a year after release and I still don’t have every car, nor am I anywhere near level 1,000. I’m not sure how you and other people have managed to get up that high, but I suppose if you do nothing but play that game, credits are going to come easy to you no matter what. I still support having two different modes, one normal one similar to FM6, and one “Super ultra grindy hardcore” mode that, as the name implies, is a lot more grindy.

I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree… different strokes for different folks. Yeah, having the choice of two different credit modes could be considered a point of agreement between us, but unlike you, I’d choose the grindy hardcore mode.

Be advised : Championship don’t count as “completed” if you add/remove tracks, you have to keep default ones if you want to “complete” them.
At least that’s what happened in my game.

Not correct. I got it with blueprinted championships. I wonder if there are hidden prerequisites.

In my game, I still get credit if I add or remove tracks, though I always keep the one track that the championship starts from. Perhaps if you remove that first one, then that could explain why you aren’t getting credit.

Never understood the Goliath grind? I mean why? I just play for enjoyment and have never done more than 2 laps of Goliath and usually do only one and that only very occasionally. Have never done more than 10 laps of any other circuit either. Too boring. I am level 598 and play extremely inefficiently when it comes to credits/levels because I just don’t prioritize that aspect of the game at all. Levels and credits are a byproduct of playing and not a reason to play. I spend most of my time building and testing new cars on rivals tracks and through personalized blueprint championships. I prefer point to point races rather than circuits.


I’m grinding on Goliath once a day until Black Friday deals come. I’ve set it to 5 laps last night. I figured if I can make myself 8 mil by grinding until next weekend I should have enough to buy all the high priced cars I want.

I actually like the 3 Lapper I set up for Goliath and do not find it a grind. It has come in handy for the Black Friday Event!
I will keep doing it as I have finished all the Championships and Exhibitions.
I, also, think it is the very best circuit in all the Forza series, TDU series and the Crew. I feel it is more true to life on that circuit as you get a wide variety of scenery, twist & turns and fast bits.

I absolutely agree, I love the track! I usually run 2-3 laps and if I’m in the mood i’ll do 5. Its to a point for me that all other tracks just bore me and feel like a grind, so when I’m racing on other tracks I can’t help but think about goliath. I have every car I wanted so credits mean nothing and I don’t need the xp as I’m approaching level 600 so for me its all fun. I tend to go cruising around the map more than anything these day, I pick a car that I haven’t given a go, do a quick base tune and I’m off.

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I have been adding laps so that each race would give on average 5 levels on completion so it’s gone up from 3 to currently 6 laps… I was aiming for 10 Levels a day…

CR is not so important I have all the current HE cars plus doubles of a few Oh and 398 cars in the garage everything below 1M and 30+ in the bank and 750+ points for buying Perks

I have tried all sorts of things to spice it up and make it more “interesting” but I have found that clean laps with a car that can rack up ultimate speed skill points gives me the most XP…

My weapon of choice was the S902 Mustang Boss 302 with a tune that was easy to drive and had long enough legs to build leads on the fast sections of the lap to have a buffer for the odd “off”…

I have even tried making a more edgy tune that required more “input” to keep it clean…

This was my first Forza title so have concentrated on the campaign as the few forays I have made into online have really put me off it as in one race I had 169 Collisions!!!

I Drive on Unbeatable with all assists off except I use an Auto Box…

I have nearly 184 hours and 17,529 miles under my belt with 5,434 Ultimate Speed and 1,043 Ultimate pass skills and 3,554 Clean overtakes… 291 Wins 392 Podiums from 493 Races and 396 head to head wins from 470 races - The way I play it I have to take on the next Drivatar I come behind never mind what cars we are driving … I have only just started looking at rivals but they are all very low CR opponents at they moment…

Anyway looks like Forza Servers have been busily catching up and I’m now only 358 points of Tier 6…

I definitely do not find Goliath to be a grind. I have enjoyed doing 4 laps at a time, but have recently increased it to 5. 5 laps takes about an hour for me in my Viper HE car.

Then again, I enjoy doing mega laps on Nurburgring in FM.

If I ever find anything in a video game to be a grind, I would simply quit doing that thing.

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Wow you all must have nothing better to do with your time but play all day. I know
now why people get so tired of games so fast. I get ruffly 3 hours a day to play. And
that includes 8 an hour work day. you guys under that age of 25 should find something
else to do before its to late lol. and rank 1000 is nuts I’m 250 and I got H3 just over
a week after it came out and that’s how its done heheheh I never get tired of games
as fast as most :).