The Great Forza Tracks Project

Howdy Forza Friends and Community Members. Some time ago, I started working on a project of gathering and comparing Forza Tracks from all the Forza Motorsport Series of games. It started out as mainly wanting a handy cross reference sheet, to see which games had which tracks, how many games did a specific track or ribbon appear, and so on.

My buddy Manteo Max was a big inspiration and source of data for this project. Many of you know MM is the Pinnacle of Spread Sheets, the Data King, Lord Emperor of the Stickies Pins, (at the top of the forum pages) Guru of quick links to news, threads, and topics in the forums and FAQs. …hmm, wonder if he could fit that on all on a business card? How does he do it? No one knows! Hieronymus once stated MM was more machine than man (in reference to hearing the speedy typing while he was somehow racing and gathering data) Interesting theory, but I digress.

Max was my hero when I started playing FM4, and I was double buying cars in the auction house, and rebought cars I forgot I hated driving. So, I found MM here on the forums and started taking his spread sheets, modifying the data I wanted, leaving places for my performance information etc, etc, etc.

Fast forward to my project, the skeleton framework was extracted from Max’s sheets, he did not delve into all the various ribbons, but there was great data within, and I expanded from there, but running FM2 – FM7 for track specific information. The ultimate version of the project will have comprehensive track information…

Track, Specific Ribbons, Length, # of Turns, # of Chicanes, Elevation Changes, Locations, as well as a picture of each ribbon layout.
It will be an on-going project but wanted to share it in the form I have it in now, and as I work on updates I will post them here.

The (So Far) 2 Page Spread Sheet can be found here, and viewed or saved.

What you can expect thus far, from Page 1, the overview will show a quick view, with no real details other than Track Name/Ribbon, Location, and which game it appeared in, as shown below:

This sheet can be filtered or sorted to suit your needs. Page 2 will get into the details, Length, Country, Region, Track Type, Race Type, and will eventually house turn data, etc as I expand.

This is going to be a work in progress, I already have a tone of HD Captured Track Images, showing the layout, Max hooked me up with a link that has track data and aerial photos of real race track used in the game, I may use some of those for those data base project as it expands. Hope this data is useful to some of you, or answers some questions about what track was in what game.

On both pages I have put my notes that clear up some conflicting information or naming, such as FM4 calling the ‘Amalfi Coast’ ribbon, ‘Rally di Postano’ (which is a track just above it in the hillside, but only appears in FM3) and did track by track race to verify FM2’s ‘Test Track Infield’ tracks are the same as FM3’s ‘Sidewinder Proving Grounds’, and other things.

If anyone has any updated info or finds any errors, let me know, I find that even with in the FM games, the track length is reported slightly differently in the older games vs newer but a tiny amount.

Thanks for any feedback anyone has and hope this is of some use.


Help! Yes, you can help this project along, I need some desperately needed data to complete some of my sheet, mostly from FM, the Original, I am pretty sure my original XBOX is dead so I can not fire up the game to tell, I need some of you… hmm ‘Oldies’ is not a very flattering term… some of you Forza Veterans to dig deep into memory or screen shots or what have you.

Was there any reference to a location, city name, country, anything on the following tracks…

  • Alpine Ring
  • Blue Mountains Raceway
  • Nissan Speedway
  • Pacific Shipyards
  • Test Track FM1

Also, from FM1, I need the length of the Drag Track
Thanks if anyone has any intel!

I’ve always wanted to do more with tracks spreadsheets but haven’t found the time and I’m still busy marking down event restrictions in FM7.

Not sure if this is of interest but back in FM5 I wanted to sort tracks by average speed:

My theory was that the ultimate test track for tuning (or PI normalizing) would fall in the the middle of the average speed range and have the least amount of variance in time per class.
We don’t have class leaderboards but some of the Homologation Divisions are set to the max class PI so those leaderboards could be used for target times per track:
X999 IndyCar, Forza GP
P998 Forza P1
R900 Hypercar, Elite Factory Racers
S800 Exotic GT, Rally Heroes
A700 Sport GT Icons
C500 Modern Hot Hatch, Sport Compact Icons, Classic Street Muscle, Vintage Sport GT
D400 Vintage Sport Compact, Modern Offroaders
E300 Vintage Offroaders

Wow, that is a fantastic idea! Though, opens up an entirely new can of worms because what you did could be done for all the previous no longer appearing tracks as well as the newer ones! This would be great data to have and incorporate if you would not mind my adding into the overall scope of this project. Is fantastic info!

Unfortunately, I cannot help with the older track locations, but I do admire dedication of this level. I used to keep track of top Nürburgring Nordschleife times, and spend the majority of my Forza time racing at all of its variants. I’m always amazed at how diverse the leaderboards are for that track, even when glaring LB cars are present on other tracks.

I plan on taking as many vehicles as I can to the 'Ring within their divisions and see what kind of laps I can crank out. Of course, this means I will be recording my best laps in each unique vehicle across all 9 Nürburgring variants. I would do more tracks, but I realize that this alone will take a very long time. Plus the 'Ring is my favorite track!

Popped the old disc into the XBOX 360 and found the following information:
Alpine Ring, 2.21 miles long, looks like the Materhorn in the background so “in the Alps”.
Blue Mountain, 3.10 miles, looks “inspired by” Bathurst.
Nissan Speedway, ?, There is Sunset Speedway but no Nissan.
Pacific Shipyards, 4.05 miles point to point.
Test Track, 4.78 mile “Snake track” and 4.97 mile oval.
Drag strip is 1/4 mile.

Just gotta say, some things HAVE improved a lot in 12 years.

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Thanks for the Drag Track Length, I meant to say, from FM2, needed Nissan Speedway Location info.

Peeps always go on how the older games were so god… But put one in and wow… So bad looking… We are so spoiled.

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