"The Gauntlet" & "The Titan" Events Not Completing

After tons of grinding, this is unacceptable. I have been trying to do this for over a week now and every single time I complete, and most times win, the Gauntlet (Dirt Finale) and Titan (Cross Country Finale) it does not complete.

It still says “EXHIBITION Available”, no gold star on it for completion.

I have tried each one in excess of 10 times each in the past week or two and nothing has changed. I don’t know why it’s just these two events as the Road Racing AND Cross Country work fine. I got completion for them on first try. This is on the Xbox one.

Anybody else having this problem?

How do I fix this?


none of the large ones mark as complete
there is nothing you can do to fix it

I have run the gauntlet, colossus and titan several times and they never mark as complete
haven’t unlocked goliath yet so it would probably be the same

Incorrect. The Colossus and Goliath do mark as complete. Both have a gold trophy on them so it would make no sense as to why the Titan and Gauntlet are not the same.

Maybe you need to do it with the preset event
Ive done all but goliath and all show no gold trophy…just not showing new any more

I am not 100% sure, but i believe that you have to complete the race under their specific conditions. No Blueprinting. It just worked for me. Was having the same problem.

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I had the same issue, half of the final events were complete and I could not finish the next one. I do believe it was because I was blueprinting an exhibition for the final events.

I have tried this and can confirm that completing the “Horizon Presents…” event does work. I must note that I finished in first all three times I completed the events. Have not confirmed that you have to, but it makes sense you would considering after you win, you are crowned the champion of that racing series.

Horizon automatically creates an event for your current car and matches drivatars to your car’s performance class. This appears to be true for all events. Pick the car you want to race in, enter the “Horizon Presents…” event. Set the difficulty to any setting you know you can win (or a bit higher for a challenge) and you should be golden!

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