The game progression is too fast and simple compare to preivous

I remember in previous installments, they took me a few days to unlock One goliath, but in FH5, I have unlocked everything in just two days.

I remember that I have to play over hundreds of hours to reach level 400, and now I’m already reached lv200, not to mention how we have to save money to buy out all the properties in the game

And after all, there is literally nothing new that awaits.

And the online experience is broken at the moment.

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Don’t forget that the game has to cater for Series S/X players…and Microsoft is aiming at 8 year old children for the consoles, demonstarted by the fact the controller was redesigned to perfectly fit an 8 year old’s hands. No real surprise that you get everything very quickly when considering that

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True. Designed to fit spoiled adhd-brats

I never quite get this suggestion that children need everything instantly. Without wishing to go down the “when I was a lad” path, my favourite game at circa 8-10 was Championship Manager - which is an in-depth (and slow) football management game. I was also perfectly capable of understanding how a game worked and not randomly selling players (let’s call them barn finds for these purposes) who I wanted to keep. The way we talk about 8 year olds in the context of Forza always sounds to me more like 2-3 year olds in real life. It’s a lazy way to justify what’s actually just poor game development.


But you are a different generation to the children of today…if CM was your favourite at that age, then it would likely put you minimum of 25 (later than 2005 and it would’ve probably been FM as CM was poor by that time). Children nowadays just seem far less patient but maybe that’s just a stereotype and I’m being unfair on them…my experience of children these days is my niece and nephew (one has no attention span, the other a good one so 50-50) and what I read

Again, this isn’t just “children”. This is everyone from adult to child. The way we consume content has changed into more bite sized pieces. Our brains are being conditioned to consume content in this way. Brains constantly change to adapt and be more efficient in the environments they are in. Saying it’s “the children” is your bias showing. Anecdotally, I often find children to be more respectful and patient than modern adults.

The TLDR is that people of all ages simply consume content different today than they used to on average.

true…but my point to begin with was that the new consoles are aimed at children…after all, why else would Microsoft specifically change the size of the controller to perfectly fit an 8 year old’s hand, even if it’s uncomfortable for adults to use. And PGG, being a Microsoft Developer, would presumably be pushed in that direction…Horizon as time has gone on has been aiming at a younger and younger audience with more emphasis on clothing, horns, jumps etc than the racing.

However, as you point out, everything I have said thus far is flawed and wrong. incidentally, I am not biased against children or people younger than me…it is merely what I infer from the decisions made by MS and PGG regarding this game and the current console generation…I admit I could have inferred wrong in which case I apologise and will refrain from posting again

This is more nuanced. It’s not just “children”. The average gamer, child or adult, doesn’t spend very much time in video games. Play sessions are extremely short. As a designer you have to balance difficulty vs. reward. There really is no point in making them difficult or time consuming to unlock. The reward and achievement wouldn’t balance adding to the time investment. So they designed it this way to keep the largest pool of players engaged (the ones not on these forums).

I’m not saying I agree with the decision, I’m just saying that this is a lot more nuanced than you’re making it out to be. I doubt it has a lot to do with being a child or adult, and more to do with the gaming habits of the player base. People simply don’t spend a lot of time in a single session on average. If something doesn’t happen in that session, the likelihood they will play another session drops.

This isn’t actually a good game design for the average person. This is people running out of new ideas. They need somebody like me to be honest.

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And yet the same designers have made the online racing mode have five races which takes ages, especially as there are super long courses which take 20 minutes. And they designed it so that if you just want a quick race on roads rather than dirt or cross country (probably most people), you have to keep trying until you get that type of race randomly.

It’s not just about time anyway, you can have a more adult game which still lets you play for short periods, it isn’t mutually exclusive after all.

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Totally agree. I was more talking about the “Story” unlocks. I think the pacing is such that if you do one story to completion, the next one either unlocks or only requires a tiny amount of accolade to unlock. This is likely to keep the story going. I think a lot of people are doing the seasonal content and some online stuff so they are wracking up accolade points like crazy and unlocking them. I do agree with them that it makes the story part of the game kind of janky when you unlock nearly all of it and you’re only on step 3. There probably should have been a different progression tracker for the story things vs. all the other stuff in the game, or some hybrid system or something. I think if all you did was story and other stuff as required the pacing might feel a little more natural.

Another thing with the stories, they could have made it easier to progress to the next chapter, rather than having to go to another place on the map. Oh, that’s another thing which is slightly broken (I can’t remember if it was the same in FH4) - when you fast travel to any event (story, race, whatever), sometimes you can instantly press to start it, other times you can’t, you have to drive forwards or backwards a bit first, and only then does the prompt appear (ie. behind you) and then you have to drive a bit back to it. Rough edges like this should have been smoothed out before release.

The controller doesn’t seem significantly smaller than it was on the 360, much less the One. Personally, I always preferred the size of the OXBOX controller.

And I’ve found the progression lacking in all of the Horizon games after the first. But it certainly seems more disconnected this time around.

Played for 16hrs. Already in the Hall of Fame & unlocked every Horizon Life event.

That would be okay if i had completed all or most of the races to unlock those things however I’ve literally done about 20 races.

I’ve done about 10-15% of everything yet I’ve been treated by the game like I’ve done the impossible & worked hard to achieve something. The progression system is terrible.

Very true, only played couple days not intensively either and I already unlocked every race and feel like theres nothing to do but just do events, there’s no big build up at all or sub-plot or anything, Goliath has become a joke, just “another race” which is sad to think because that’s the race you look forward to unlocking the most. I miss the days of Horizon 1 and 2 where you’d be so excited to unlock the next set of races and moving towards the big Goliath. In this game its just “wow great you’ve arrived in Mexico okay do these events now” Really really disappointing surprised its not being talked about any Forza Youtubers or racing Youtubers. The progression is non existent.