The Future of Community Contests?

Now that unicorns no longer exist in Horizon 2, will community photo/livery contests still continue? Even if there’s no unicorns to give out? There’s still a PG Featured page on the photo share, so I’m hoping they make a comeback

There are no unicorn cars in Forza Motorsport 5.

Really? Didn’t know that, only played FM5 briefly. Guess that answers the question

There are no unicorns? I am racing the GT cars and there appears to be a Ferrari California in the race along with a BWM M6. The cars aren’t available at the auto show. How do I get them? I bought the day one ultimate edition so I have all the car packs and first day cars. I really wan the California. I had the lucky honor of driving a real one last week.

Preorder cars.

To the OP there are still community contests usually for credits.

If you are on the ONE. If your on the 360 you are Exclusively Excluded.

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I thought those pre-order cars would be in the digital Day One release. I did some checking using Google and found out there were several pre-order releases from different companies with different cars in each. I wouldn’t buy several different pre-order versions to get all the cars. I did read that the same thing happened with Forza Motorsport 4 and eventually all the cars became available to everyone. I hope the same happens with Horizon 2.

I share your hopes.