The Forza servers could not be reached

Nothing has changed on my pc.

From working to not working in the span of a week. Tried direct from the modem and through router. No other games have this problem. It was working fine and then, it wasnt.

QoS enabled, IPV4//6 DHCP enabled NAT Open

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Same here. Wanted to play after pausing for a week, now this error. Every. Time.

Tried several networks, several routers, even several PCs (!), same issue.

This is the most expensive game I currently have and also the one that can NEVER be perfect. It either glitches out in multiplayer, can’t go online at all, shows incorrect colors and paintjobs on cars online including mine… both systems I play on are well above expectations, one has the FX-8350 CPU, 8 gigs of ram and a R9-280X GPU, the other is a ASUS RoG laptop with an i7 and GTX 960M.

The game is almost 2 months old now and it still has the same issues.

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same on xbox 1 x… sometimes it happen when they drop an update…we will see

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Forza 7 servers are down. Check twitter. What a mess this game is.

servers are back up

I have the same problem, I cant play online, I cant give some designs for my cars, I cant collect my forzathon, I cant collect my forzahub rewards, I cant open the auction house… If forza fixed this problem I would have a lot of money