The Forza Horizon Drift Championship (FHDC)

This is the track layout for the FHDC Round one, Qualification ends on Sat the 9th of May, So get you practice on this track before messaging me for your qualification runs as you will only have 2 runs to show what you got. once you feel ready message me and i will do my best to get online and get your qualification runs recorded to be judged next weekend.
Rules are as follow.
750Bhp Max due to people probably bring ridiculous cars,
Use any tyre you wish and use sensible cars.
The car you use for qualification must be used in the event if you are picked.
Also to keep this fair I am also doing 2 runs for qualification so even im not guaranteed a spot
Do Not Crash into the camara car

Aren’t clipping points supposed to be the apex of a turn…meaning the front bumper and a corner of a turn? Good luck with everything though…tracks way too long


i am intrested message me THE SNAP ON MAN i am goint to find out that track

How do i get involved in this drift tour my gamertag is drift fast and i would much like to be involved in this

Hey man, interresting comp. I would like to give it a try, so message me when you are hosting this event:)
Message a day or two before.