The Forza 2018 Year in Review & Community Stories

The Forza 2018 Year in Review is up:

Be sure to read through it all. Here are the highlights:

FM7 Totino’s Car Pack
FM7 Free Hyundai Car Pack
FH3 Xbox One X Enhancement
FH3 Bucket List Blueprints for every DLC and #Forzathon car by Don Joewon Song

FM7 Dell Gaming Car Pack
FM7 Spectate and Seed the Grid features
FM7 Ford Raptor Xbox One X Edition
Livestreams: Johniwanna launches Wheel & Pedal Wednesdays
Bounty Hunter featuring Alan Hartman

FH1 Backward compatibility
FM7 March Car Pack
FM7 2018 Forza Racing Championship Seattle Pre-Season Invitational

FM7 ForzaRC Series 1
FM7 Multiplayer Test Drive and Race Telemetry features
FM7 K1 Speed Car Pack
FM7 class-based Hoppers

Livestreams: #InsideXbox debuts work-in-progress features
FM7 Free Honda Civic
Bounty Hunter featuring IndyCar drivers

Livestreams: #ForzaMonthly launched
FH4 E3 Briefing and McLaren Senna reveal
FM7 Hoonigan Car Pack and June update features including Data Out
FM7 ForzaRC Series 1 Playoffs in Seattle

Livestreams: Seasons Change Everything in FH4
Livestreams: #ForzaMonthly
FM7 Top Gear Car Pack
FM7 announcement on the economy
FM7 at the Special Olympics Xbox Gaming Tournament
FH2 free with Xbox Games With Gold

FM7 Formula Drift Car Pack
FM7 Track Limits and Time Attack Rivals features
Livestreams: #ForzaMonthly
FH4 at Gamescom
Livestreams: ForzaRC Series 2 Wednesday Showdowns

FM7 Experimental Drag and Meetups feature
FH4 Car List and Soundtrack announced
FH4 Official Commercial
FH4 Best of Bond Car Pack
FH4 Goodwood launch event and Route Creator feature preview
FH4 Early Access launch
FM7 ForzaRC Series 2 Playoffs in Mexico City

Livestreams: #ForzaMonthly
FH4 Formula Drift Car Pack
FH4 wide release
FM7 ForzaRC World Championships in London
Livestreams: Co-Pilot and Johniwanna at SEMA

Livestreeams: #ForzaMonthly
FM7 Hot Wheels Car Pack
FM7 Prize Crates replaced by Race Shop
FM7 Loyalty Rewards update
FM7 Collision Assist features
FH4 Fortune Island announced at #X018

FM7 Force Feedback FAQ and Wheel Guide at Forza Support Site
FM7 features update
Livestreams: #ForzaMonthly previewing FM7 Race Regulations system

So what was your favorite FH4 memory in 2018?
Which cars and features did you use most?
Do you have a favorite video or photo created by the community?

List of links: - E3 Xbox Briefing - E3 FH4 Announce Trailer - IGN Live: Ralph Fulton - Inside Xbox: Ralph Fulton - TC9700 Q&A with Brian Ekberg at E3 - E3 Coliseum: Dan Greenawalt and Ralph Fulton - Giant Bomb interviews Dan Greenawalt at E3 - Game Informer interviews Dan Greenawalt at E3 - Shacknews interviews Ralph Fulton at E3 - GameStop interviews Dan Greenawalt at E3 - Digital Foundry: FH4 on Xbox One X Analysis - IGN: Seasons Change Everything - IGN: Making the McLaren Senna in FH4 - IGN: FH4’s Shared World Explained - IGN: Real Life vs. In-Game Britain - IGN: Living the Horizon Life - McLaren Senna Reveal at E3 - IGN’s Real-Life Horizon Road Trip - Forza Monthly July - Seasons Change Everything Summer - Seasons Change Everything Autumn - Seasons Change Everything Winter - Seasons Change Everything Spring - Forza Monthly August - FH4 Features Preview - Formula Drift Car Pack - Co Pilot joins PG - FH4 Official Commercial - Forza Monthly September - Xbox Live Sessions: Ludacris - FH4 Weather Simulator with Celebs - FH4 at Goodwood - FH4 Launch Trailer - FH4 Launch livestream - Ken Block vs Britain at Goodwood - The All Seasons Rally at Goodwood - Forza Monthly October - Behind the Scenes at Goodwood - FH4 Accolades Trailer - Update 2 Preview - Xbox Live Sessions: Vin Diesel - Forza SEMA Special with Hoonigan/Foust - Forza at SEMA - Forza Monthly November - Xbox Live Sessions: Karol G and Nacho - GymkhanaTEN Vehicles - X018 - Update 3 Preview - FH4 Xbox One X Bundle - Forza Monthly December - Fortune Island Expansion Launch

Favourite memory? Acknowledgement by the devs of the broken online mode. It’s nice to get heard. My favourite FH4 moment 2019 will be the (hopefully great) implementation of a new mode.

Most used car? TVR Cerbera Speed 12. An RWD, low weight, high power death machine? Count me in!
Feature? Winter season. I love winter.

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Well for me…

I love putting on crowns and driving around in the classic roadsters. Outfits and cars per season. I am quite partial to hanging with myself and friends in out Horizon Festival Speed Police cars and chasing random players. “Drive faster or pay the fine”. Heading to Forzathons and doing donuts while in a wheelie in my Isetta always brings some fun while the timer counts down. When it is a grr day, my GT390 is fun, or my rally Hyuara.

Most positive and fun community experience was the Route creation contest. I loved figuring the system out and finding good ways to find original routes in the existing maps. Communicating with friends and others for feedback and improvements. Topped off with the winning winter event.

The best part of that wasnt so much the win, but the feedback the devs gave on the stream. All the positive comments they gave. It really was a huge positive mood booster to hear that others saw exactly everything I was going for!

…So many FM7 in that Review Calendar…, a game that i don’t have & that i don’t desire to play… Horizon 3 (My 1st Forza Experience) will be eternally memorable (especially the fact that i’ve stayed away from the negative aura surrounding this forum) & then Horizon 4 came around, making me consider abandoning future Horizon Series, which means No Forza altogether, seeing that the Motorsport version is not my cup of tea. …& then there won’t be any decent “racing” games anymore… might as well give up “racing” altogether, cause No Company/Studio can make decent ones anymore, regardless of how many “Awards” They win

I’d have to say that my favorite FH4 memory was seeing a Forza team member having a presence in the forums, addressing issues and stuff. Very appreciated addition to the way they do business.

My favorite feature is the route creator. Even though I’ve spent more time on my garage so far, I can never say “there’s nothing new to do” anymore. Like this feature I do.

Trying to buy DLC for Forza Horizon 2, only to find the developers had killed it off!! Oh wait, that was my least favourite experience. Anyways, it’s like they don’t want, you know, money!

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When they announced loot boxes were being removed from Forza! Seriously, no place in a racing game. Brakes, suspension, gear ratios, all fine. Loot boxes no thank you. So that was a good thing!

Favourite FH4 memory: discovering the Peel P50 is king of D100.

Favourite feature: the route creator, despite its bugs and limitations.

Are we suppose to just list Positive Highlights? & Honesty is not appreciated?

You can say something positive without being dishonest! Look at my post, i turned a negative into a positive. So don’t try to harsh the buzz. Get into the Christmas spirit and then go back to being sour on January 2nd!

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First off, I’ll start by saying Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

It’s been a busy year of Forza for me with lots of time in FH3 and FM7, and getting FH4 at launch with a smattering of other Forza games mixed in, and I wanted to share a few of my thoughts on the franchise as I look back over the year.

Last January most of my Forza time was in FM7. I had purchased it on the Black Friday sale two months earlier, but due to problems with the MS Store download system with slower internet connections and inability to transfer installed games between PCs I wasn’t able to find a place with good enough internet and no data caps to actually get the full game downloaded on the PC I wanted to play it on until late December, so it wasn’t until January that I really got into it.

FM7 brought back a lot of good memories of my time with Gran Turismo, but in terms of gameplay something was lost with the homologation system as implemented. I think the biggest problem was that every race with a vehicle from a given division felt almost exactly the same. I realize that this is the FH4 forum with different devs than the motorsport games so I won’t dwell too much on the motorsport side of things though.

In between playing through FM7, I would religiously complete the Forzathon weekly challenges in FH3. This was fun for awhile, but eventually it started to feel like a chore to keep up with the game to make sure I didn’t miss any exclusive cars.

Once I finished the main career of FM7, I went back to FH2 and FM6 to collect some ForzaHub points to try to get my tier up before the FH4 launch. The time pressure to get the points before launch (or forever miss out on some of the launch rewards) was annoying, but the fact that I hadn’t played FM6 or FH2 in 2 years and yet I hadn’t missed out on anything was a breath of fresh air after the weekly commitment to the Forzathons in FH3 and FM7.

At the FH4 launch I was quite disappointed to see how quickly I was able to blow through the “story” and get to the end-game car collect-a-thon compared to previous Forza games, along with all the other launch issues. Given how much FM7 has improved in the last year gives me hope that FH4 will be able to similarly improve, although it’s disappointing that FM7 and FH4 matched a lot of launch issues with broken multiplayer, locked cars and lootboxes/wheelspins and the continued the annoying time-limited availability of certain cars.

Shortly before Fortune Island came out, I started a new playthrough of FH1 and was reminded of how good the overall quality of that game was. Sure, newer Horizon games have made some major improvements with the addition of tuning and a much more open world, but the overall package of FH1 still just feels better, especially in terms of game progression and polish.

Fortune Island is a neat little expansion, although I feel more could have been done with the treasure hunt instead of just giving out a mountain of credits and adding some cars to the garage (not that I’m complaining about easy credits). Maybe have a little barn-find style cinematic showing what car you also won with that treasure (instead of just a little blurb at the bottom of the screen), I rather enjoyed the little informative dialogue on each of the barn find cars so I knew a bit more about the significance of it. It also feels a bit incomplete with no player houses to buy and only 25 signs to find (at least we got a new Horizon story though).

In retrospect, I did have a lot of fun times with Forza, but at the same time I’m also starting to feel burned out on the series. I think for me there’s two parts to this:

First is the Forzathons and other time-limited events. At first these were fun in FH3, but then after missing a couple and then having to deal with the nightmare of the auction house to get the cars I missed the feeling completely changed. Instead of being rewarded for playing, I felt punished for not being able to play that specific week. Now that we have weekly (and even daily in the case of FH4) events, it feels like a weekly chore keeping up with FH3, FM7, FH4 and the ForzaHub, and this takes a lot of the fun out of the games. I think we can all agree that games are meant to be a fun, and if they start to feel like a chore than something is wrong. My solution to this would simply be to remove time exclusivity from all Forzathon rewards. It’s fine to offer cars and cosmetic items, but then make them available via other methods as well (autoshow/cosmetic item shop preferably instead of just being added to wheelspins). I want to play Forza because I’m having fun playing it, not because I’m afraid of what exclusive weekly rewards I’ll miss out on if I don’t.

Second, I think that the Forza franchise at large is focused too much on car collecting instead of providing interesting races and events in which to use said cars. I have tons of cars in each of these Forza games, but by and large I don’t really have a use for over 90% of them. FH1 had a variety of races with different vehicle restrictions instead of just being able to use whatever you want. I actually liked this since it encouraged the player to try out different cars. I really didn’t like it when FH2 removed a lot of these interesting restrictions (and the ability to get free upgrades which ultimately discouraged experimenting with vehicles due to how expensive upgrades are and no way to test them until you’ve spent the cash) and FH3 and FH4 have continued this trend. FM7 almost went too far the other way with homologation where there’s very little room to tinker with vehicle builds without completely disqualifying them from nearly everything except free play. FM7 has done a lot to try to correct this with the greatly enhanced rivals and multiplayer modes encouraging more experimental builds, and I hope FH4 follows this example. The seasonal championships in FH4 are a step in the right direction, but they’re still far too limited to properly address this issue. Ultimately I would like to see each race location in FH4 have a unique race with its own unique set of restrictions (class, vehicle division, hp limit, weight, drive type, etc) to provide more interesting ways to use existing vehicles.

Overall, I would say that the last year was largely a continuation of the year before with its pros and cons. The Forza franchise is still best in class, but isn’t where it could be and like I said, I’m getting a bit burned out on it. Based on all the positive changes Turn10 is making in FM7 I’m hopeful that Playground Games will do the same with FH4 and make 2019 a great year of Forza.

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FH1 had a variety of races ? No. Not even close. It’s even more restricted than FH2 ahahaha. You couldn’t even change the class because there wasn’t any classes to begin with.
Races were a mismatch bunch of muscle cars / trucks / whatever it is , as long as it matched the PI limit and you call that more interesting ? To each their own , I guess. But I got bored faster on FH1 than the other ones, cause once the career is done there’s not much to do.
At least we can race whatever we want on any track, and even create our own tracks now ! Replayability has gone up nae down this time around.

I suppose I should be more clear about what I meant by the variety in FH1. Most of the races had some sort of restriction, be it PI, car type, year, drive type, specific cars, etc. I found this to be very interesting since it meant I wasn’t racing the same set of cars all the time and had a reason to try out more of my garage than I would normally. Sure, I can achieve the same effect using blueprints (which is another great feature introduced by FH3) but the default exhibition behavior of just matching the division and PI of your car results in a lot of races that feel pretty much the same unless you go out of your way to change cars all the time or create a custom blueprint for each track.