The First Trial?

Just wondering, how are we going to be able to compete in the first trial? You have to be in the Hall of Fame to qualify for it right? I really don’t want to miss something right from the start but I know I won’t be in the HoF on day one.

There’s a few days before the first playlist starts. We also don’t know if there is a trial in the first week I don’t think. If there is, I have to assume that getting into the Hall of Fame isn’t that hard to achieve, as they have to have thought about the fact they need some people to do the trial!

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Thanks for the info Jezza! That makes me feel much better about the first trial!

I think there may be a bit of a grind, it would be good to have some clear information on this process and indicaiton of the expected play time for an average skilled player.
Definitely one I am interested in given the car unlocks are mostly play based.

A screen shot on Reddit showed 0/63 Accolades required for Hall of Fame.
It’s not clear if this is 63 challenges, or if it is 63 points where you can earn multiple points for one activitiy depending on the difficulty.

A better solution would be for there to be a Rivals for the same track on a per event basis which acted as qualifying.
Post a clean lap under a modest target time in the specific class/event then you’re approved for unlimited attempts at the Trial.

This would encourage players to have a suitable vehicle ready to race and to at least know the basics of the track.
The loan cars should also be ‘Welcome Pack’ spec so have at least some tuning.

After a few months every man and his dog going to be in the hall of fame…what’s the point except making us speed through content


I assume it will boost the game play stats for launch and everyone gets a nice fat bonus before the festive season


Can we please not wreck our teammates this time. It serves no purpose. Remember there is always a bigger fish. Nobody remembers who won after it’s finished. You don’t have to win at all costs at the expense of losing the trial and wasting everyone’s time. Don’t be that person. It’s a very childish attitude to have. Please bring a tuned car.

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