The empty Eliminator

I’ve run the Eliminator a few times now, and the past few times it has been completely empty. Not a single car has ever shown up on the minimap. Including a couple times where I was challenged out of nowhere, never saw the other car, not even during the race. It makes the game mode rather… frustrating when there’s literally nothing you can do but look around for car drops.


Are you familiar with the game mode? I don’t know if you know that other cars don’t show up unless they are nearby, and also if they don’t move for a while then they become hidden as well.

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i would tend to believe its more to do with a bugged in the game at the moment
you drive around in the open world and its the same way sometimes … no one is around. or you see them then they just disappear or even appear

i was in an eliminator today and no one was visible … the game got to the smallest arena and still no one was visible.
i sat on the highway for minutes … eventually someone challenge me but i did not see them at all.
i made it the end and even on the way to the checkpoint … there was no visible racers, i made it to the checkpoint but, milliseconds before i hit it another player who was invisible got it

btw, i was just doing a trial and all AI(drivatars) vanished.
they were still racing but, you just couldnt see them!


It’s a bug I think as I had the same thing. Trundled around looking for cars until the final race started. Didn’t see anyone in that either. Position said I was 1st throughout but then got told I was 2nd at the end.


I’ve done 2 so far (one last week, one this) and have no encountered any bugs at all…no invisible cars etc. In fact, the only strange thing that I have noticed from my 2 attempts is the fact that the game let me win on my second attempt lol

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I did the Eliminator the other night, and drove around for a huge majority of the match, just looking for another player, never seeing anybody. First time, I got challenged out of nowhere. Second time, I made it all the way to the final 10 before I saw anybody. It’s enough to make you wonder how any eliminating gets done.

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I have done 2 Eliminators. Both with over 40 drivers. I finished I think 24th or 23rd in my first and just won my 2nd. Attempt number 2 seems to be the ticket haha :smile:

It has to be bugged, sometimes people show up on the map, sometimes they don’t. Then I’ve had instances where people show up early in the game and towards the final I see no one. It doesn’t help when you get challenged by 2 invisible players, I was able to knock them both out but it wasnt fair matchup because I never saw them.


Eliminator is 100% broken at the moment because of invisible racers, that’s not how it is supposed to be. Makes it impossible to strategize when someone you cannot see just zooms past you and challenges you immediately.

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Happens in Arcade Modes too. People randomly vanish and don’t accrue group points until they reappear, it’s almost impossible to win a round at the moment.

I just had the same thing in forzathon and in eliminator. The other cars just vanished when the forzathon started. The same issue was present for years in FH4 and I don’t know if it ever got solved, since I stopped playing it around a year ago.

And it just happened to me in Eliminator. First I thought that I was just out of luck that I didn’t run into anyone, but then in the end there was supposed to be 20 of us in the smallest circle, but I was completely alone in it eventhough the game said there was 20 of us

It’s definitely bugged. I’ve been challenged out of nowhere, been alone completely and today, despite being able to see people, I couldn’t challenge anyone.

I did make it to the final round both times and finished 6th on my second time, so there’s that.

So, fun fact. I just had two session. In first I wasn’t able to see any of the racers, not even on the map. But I managed to randomly challenge some of them by randomly beeping all the time.

On the second session, I was able to see the other racers, but I was unable to challenge any of them. On one point me and some other driver just stopped and beeped at other like crazy, but it didn’t budge.

That’s another problem that was in FH4 more than a year ago.

Edit: oh yeah, I forgot about that one. I recently had a case when somebody beat me to the finish line, but it didn’t register him going through it. When I caught up to him I just saw him circling around the finish line area. Then we just waited it out until the game booted both of us out because we needed too long to get to the finish line. I lost anyway, but I can’t imagine the other guy being too happy.

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Even in free roam in a convoy, the other player that are IN YOUR convoy disappears randomly.

Invisible players are gonna make me quit this mode. I’m in a level 9 car and I get challenged by a level 3, how does he beat me to the finish when I have 4 times as much power and I didn’t hit anything? Yep he was also a PC player. Not even surprised but its getting old fast, I don’t wanna waste my time if others have the advantage of staying hidden.

Challenged a player in one round and the node to race to was buried underground or something 'cos we both drove over it but neither of us could trigger a race end until we both timed out.

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Same to me. The online experience is so bad

Here’s me in a level 1 Beetle minding my own just inside the Arena Shrinked area with 21 players remaining in the game.
Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a level 10 vehicle pops up challenging me a race to the finish.
20 seconds later I’m eleminated and finish 21st out of 58. No warning as this level 10 didn’t appear in their pink-dot finery at any point on the map. I had no chance.

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I played a round today that started with 40 players. I was completely by myself, never saw another car, never saw an indicator on the map, nothing. I made it to the final round of 12. There were 9 in the race and I was in 1st the whole time, no indicators or visuals on anyone else. Then suddenly the game is over and I finished 3rd.

It’s definitely broken at the moment.