The drift club missions are stupid!

I’ve been playing Forza Horizon 4 for almost a month now and I’m playing the story missions. All are good except for the Drift Club … These missions are meaningless … because of them I started to hate drift … Seriously … In the Car Rental mission the drift part is not that ridiculous and absurd thing that the drift club. How can I drive a soap? In all parts of the game there are no cars with bald tires … In that crappy drift club. I just gave up on the 2nd mission. I don’t have a steering wheel and pedals just my joystick. And the time for missions is very short. Having to wiggle the rear of the car is stupid. I want to race and not be wiggling the rear of the car.
Did it cost a lot to have more time on missions and a car that wasn’t a soap with wheels? It would be more fair if the missions were adapted to the way the player plays.

If you want to race go play a race, not a drift mission.