The drift championship

The Drift Championship

What is TDC?

TDC (The Drift Championship) is a series in which will consist of 4 events this year. It will be a series which is all about having a laugh yet still having that competitive/professional side to it. Also drivers must download the TDC door card & door name template & sunstrip


Judging will be done by 3 judges, judges will give a scoring on 1. Angle 2. Speed 3. Proximity Judges will give drivers a scoring such as 5:5 which would mean a tie for that battle, each run will get a scoring and at the end the driver with the higher points will advance. If drivers finish both runs and it’s a tie we will run a OMT (one more time) this will keep going until a driver gets an advantage.

Car regulations

Max bhp: 700bhp
Max tyre profile: sports
Car pi: must be s class or lower
Must run a roll cage
No race engine conversions
Must be front engine rwd
No positive camber
No limit on price

Sign up:

Steering wheel or controller:

I don’t expect this to be a popular thing however I will try to listen to people’s comment and try to improve the series, if you haven’t any question just message me and I’ll get back to as soon as possible