The Downfall of Forza

Seriously, what happened? Does our money mean nothing? We keep buying the game because we like it, why is T10 removing features? Don’t get me wrong singplayer is fun, I find simulation steering too touchy but that’s about my only gripe. But multiplayer… Boy is multiplayer lost. We can’t use all the cars, there’s not playlists for every class, we can’t start a lobby without someone else first being with us?? And where’s tag, drift, and drag? Does T10 not care about customers? Seriously may be the last Forza I buy, and if so may be reason to no longer keep the Xbox.


I am happy I am not the only one that feels this way. Multiplayer was so good in FM6… I absolutely loved it… now I get to FM7 and there is basically a non existent online game mode. Like really 5 race divisions??? No more racing by car class?? Why would you do that? You can only use a small fraction of the cars in the game in multiplayer because of this. What makes me angrier is the fact that you can no longer tune cars because homologated cars are only allowed in single and multiplayer. What’s even the point of having different cars if they are all going to be leveled out? The best part about car class was that each car had its unique strengths and weaknesses which really came out when you tuned them… now I might as well just have the same car. The thing that pisses me off the most is a spent $100 of my hard earned F+%^ money on this and I can’t even resell this garabage because it’s a digital copy. Sad to see my favorite game on this console go to sh#%…


Contact MS chat support and request a refund

I get you guys are frustrated. I bought fm6 on release day, and it was the same way. Kinda figured they’d do this again so I don’t mind. I just see it as a way for players to focus on single player and get their tiers up, and for those first timers to learn how to drive in single player and not kill everyone in multiplayer. They’ll add more later on just like fm6, that game also had no more than 6-7 lobbies at the start.

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but they still had drift and drag lobbys in fm6 they should remaster fm4 but they would screw that up too turn just wants your money and couldn’t care less about those of us that have bought every forza made and you can get a refund i did :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you have to uninstall the game if you do get a refund?

no you get to keep the game and get your money back.

What? You want to get a refund and keep the game,of course you have to uninstall.

Doesn’t matter - even if you keep it, it won’t play.

They just remove your license to play the game on the back end, that’s all. can still keep all 68 gigs of the software, just can’t use it without said license.

Yeaaaaa. I hate this new tier system; hate the new mod box bs; hate that they didn’t bring over the same buying system that’s in horizon 3 (saved tons of time). I also hate that my NSX tune in FM6 doesnt show up. I see the tunes for that car from FM5, H2 and H3 but not FM6. WTF! Not happy Turn 10. IT seems like you guys changed things for the effin sake of changing things. I understand change is good, but not what you guys did.

Oh yea. Wheres the damn test drive option in tuning or anywhere other than loading a race??

I made this comment in another thread but most of your worries are gone

It seems that they already have drag and drift hoppers without the division restriction and the playground hoppers being class A. As for racing what they have on the multiplayer right now is what racing will be the division nonsense. Check link for my claims skip to 45 seconds and read the description when he goes over a new multiplayer hopper. There are some test hoppers which hope some of those turn out to be class and not division hoppers.

There’s only a limited amount of Hoppers at the launch of every Forza game, for a simple reason: server load and player count. It’s better to up your servers over time than to have 12 hoppers of which 2 are never used. Or have none of them work because server load is too high. It’s best to start with low numbers that are given enough processing power and then go from there.

Same post different version of game… dont buy it,return it,most love it

Can you even play multiplayer yet? When ever I try to load a multiplayer race, it says that it’s failed to acquire data…

Yes its up and running

Thank god hoppers will be back.

The Motorsport series has gone downhill after FM4 (which was PERFECT)… each release they get rid of another feature and replace it with something completely useless. I skipped FM5, bought 6 and stopped playing it shortly after… preordered 7 and not even halfway through launch day i’m left disappointed. Contacted MS chat support and got a refund.


The game just launched and they’ve always added/removed/changed multiplayer hoppers. Get a grip, jesus…

Try just a bit of patience for once eh?

To me the biggest omission is no AI Drivatars in Private Lobby’s. This really limits the ability to circumvent the no Class Based Lobby’s.