The DODGE DEMON needs a considerate buff!

The performance of this car is really disappointing in this game. The dodge demon in real life (bone stock) can pull a sub 10 sec run in a 1/4 mile strip, but in the game while being fully upgraded, the car was not able to pull a sub 10 sec run in a 1/5 mile strip (in-game strip is less than 1/4 mile). Pretty unfair for such an icon of dragsters. 1000+hp car cant pull a sub 10 sec run :frowning: i tried many tunes, but the best i got is 9.79. Is it my fault or the car’s?

  1. Did you have drag tires on? I haven’t tried the Demon, but I’ve run a few other cars and with 1k hp and drag tires, most everything can run < 10s at the festival drag strip.
  2. How much wheelspin are you getting at launch? If it’s very much at all, then you need to feather the throttle or adjust gearing for a better launch.
  3. Consider the track conditions. I haven’t looked at the drag strip in winter yet, but in fall there was visible moisture on the surface and I’m pretty sure it does have at least a little effect. If it’s icy now then you’ll have to blueprint it to summer.

IIRC the Demon in the game can’t use its Red Key. :slight_smile:

It is kinda weird that a car that can go 0-60 in under 1 second can barely even cross the line quick enough.

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It’s a Dodge, consider yourself lucky that it starts🤭


I have owned various Dodge/Chrysler products thru the years, not once has one failed to start and/or broken on me, unless you count a cheap battery exploding. That happened.

Funny. I have an 06 Magnum and for the first 7 months it went through 4 batteries. Turned out to be the GPS device from the bank incorrectly installed. But since then it’s started everytime, even in -20F cold.

My first car was an old Dodge Durango that was terrible to drive, but it would always start with the first crank every single time even unplugged in the -40 degree Canadian winter.

As for the OP I wouldn’t mind seeing some buff and upgrades be added to it and make hit S900 without aero tainting its looks.

Also buff the Nissan R390. The R390 is the biggest dud in the game and has been in previous games. Almost every other car tuned similar is leagues faster with ~250 more horse power.

Its a Dodge Demon with a Honda Civic motor xD there is no Demon about it compared to the real life version. in FH4 it just feel slow as hell. did like to see a buff for it so it can be closer to the real life. My mini cooper is even faster then the dodge demon xD

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I was also pretty disappointed when I got it. Even with drag tires it’s slow. I think part of the problem is that I can’t shift through the first three gears fast enough. Of course that’s why the real car has an automatic; but the game’s automatic mode just slows you down. The car is definitely not right though.

You actually bring up a good point here…

I find it weird that developers for racing games think manual is still faster than automatic, years ago yes, but in most cases now its not. Semi-automatic, seamless shift gearboxes etc, is what is used now for new cars.

I think they missed a trick with drag strips in the game, they should have it where you have to do launch control starts or something like that and if you hit the sweet spot… then away you go.

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It’s incredibly difficult to replicate the advanced launch and traction control as well as various other systems such as the active suspension/dampers with forzas physics. Other cars with dynamic systems irl in this game fall short as well.

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Unfortunately it is incredibly slow. Feels like not even half of its power is there.
I think Forza physics are starting to become a problem with all the new and very different high-performance cars. Manual still faster than automatic, yet irl even the 10-speed automatic Mustang is faster than his 6-speed manual counterpart.
Launch control.
Active and very complex aerodynamics. If they ever add the Huracán Performante I don’t think they can do its superb ALA-system justice which makes the car THAT good. The same happens with the LaFerrari which was always more or less garbage in Forza titles.

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Yeah i was also very disapointed when i build that car and tested ( i didint build dragster just racer) When i was tuning that car i was like “geez this can really get off the line quickly” and as soon i hit throttle first time i was god this car feels slow. I agree that should be mutch faster with those stats.

I grind the stunt just to get the car but so dissapointed how slow it was. So, I made it a drift car instead, It’s a pretty good drifter tbh.

Honestly It’s slower than a Hellcat…I tuned my Challenger Hellcat to walk a 1000+ hp Demon LOL, of course the demon is slower than an eg civic and ultimate sleeper turbo I4 Austin Cooper S and the list goes on.

That’s why I proposed to periodically upgrade or re-balance cars that can be faster (or even slower) than actual.

The Demon its not the only car that need a buff, also various Audis, AMGs, etc…

You mean, all the cars with quick-shifting automatics? IIRC Ferraris have been shifting sub 100ms with automated single-clutch for about a decade. Faster than the early DSG dual-clutch boxes.

Best shift you can get with m/c in any car is probably 2-300. Idk. Maybe slower than a torque converter auto with a shift kit. I.e., the Demon.

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They could probably program the autoshift to change faster for some cars.

Not your fault… The Demon basically runs an engine made of Nerf dart material…

It’s a Forza game, there will always be some cars that do not perform as well in the game as they do in real life. It’s not as bad as in FM though, where the Motul Autec GTR performs a lot worse than it does in real life, it’s not much faster than those GT3 and GTE cars in the game and can’t compete with the likes of FXXK and P1 GTR, whereas in real life it’s almost as fast as some LMP2s and will destroy those GT cars on a track.