The curious case of the Disappearing HUD

After a long work week, (5 days of 16 hour shifts…) I was excited to see that there was an update that fixed issues with the game, so I hopped in, started playing, and realized I had no HUD. So I checked my settings, nope, HUD’s on, nothing is off. Weird, so I started hitting random buttons, and the HUD came back on after I changed the radio station. (BTW, I just want to say, we need an option to set the radio to completely off, so it isn’t automatically on. The song selection in this game is absolutely horrendous.), ok weird little bug, but ok. Was racing, and found myself in a situation where I needed to use the rewind feature, and once I did. No more HUD. Well this is escalating… Tried the same thing I did before, changing the radio station, then resorted to pressing random buttons on my controller, my keyboard, and my mouse… I guess I don’t get a HUD anymore.