The Car Files

Hi guys,

How of earth do you get 3 stars on file 004? i can’t get more then 130 mph.

What is this file you speak of?

I was wondering the same thing.

It’s the 4th challenge in the New “Car Insurance” Business Called “The Car Files” that was added tonight in the update.

You need to get 141 mph to get 3 stars but the car won’t do 131 mph, let alone 141.

OK, thanks.

I also had a bit of trouble. Turn around and drive all the way back until the road curves. Turn around again and floor it in a straight line without hitting any obstacles such as road signs. I was able to get just over 142mph which was enough for 3 stars. Hope that helps!


How did you get 3 stars by doing just 132? you need to do a minimum of 141 to get 3.

My bad, meant to type 142mph.

All good.

as stated earlier just backtrack to give yourself more time to get up to speed as long as you do not hit anything no problem

I cant pass File 02… any solution??

Just turn left and follow the road along the coast.

File 06 was very frustrating.
Superlight Jeep, lots of trees and bumps, poor visibility. File 06 is a pinball simulator that just repeats rewinding.
I have rewound many times and finally got 3 stars, but I would never want to play this challenge again.

No problems at all with that one, just go left, a bit down the quarry and straight to the checkpoint. Like this:

Dit it first try I tried this route.

Though it’s a shame the game almost like forces you to cheat to get 3 stars on some missions, for example with the Utility sedan rally stage you can just cut the whole 45 deg corner and still have way enuogh time to get back on the road.


Do people not listen to the narrator during the game? He clearly says right at the start “DON’T bother following the NavSat route” For those in the US, NavSat = GPS.


Yeah. I don’t get why people are characterizing it as cheating. In the most recent Forza live stream where they introduced the new series, one of the developers straight up said you need to use some strategy for some of the chapters of car files. It seems like they want to encourage people to explore and challenge them like in the quarry or the Manx chapters…


These was mostly something that need zero “cheating” to beat targets unlike some previous ones where you actually need cut somewhere to even get in target score. Like iron knight one, you can get 3 star by following route but there is shorter route and cutting corners can be over 20 second faster than using recomeneded route. Also Chevy chapter almost yell “use shortcuts”


Anyone have any tips for 3 starring the skills challenge at the beach with the Manx? I can’t get more than 1 star on that one in the time given. the required number seems impossible.

For anyone else, I got this by making a beeline for the control tower at the airstrip, drifting left and right the whole way to keep the skills points ticking over. When I got there, sideswiped the the orange road-closed fences to get the points.

I replied in the other thread but will here, also. Hightail it down to the dunes by the castle, the ones with all the fences. Good place for drifts, jumps, collisions, etc, all in chains. Don’t try for points on the way so you have the most time in the dunes. I managed 242,000 with this method.