The Cake's Japanese Garage

Basically, I look at Japanese JGTC/D1/Demo cars and either make replicas or semi original liveries. I also do some European/British cars too.
Currently working on a A’Pexi RX7 D1 racer, and after that would be a Honda Yuasa EK9.

I dont have an idea of what Id want to make after those 2 so im currently taking requests. Just message me here or add me up on XB Live.
If you have one of my already made liveries and want something changed on it, I might be able to do a dupe for you specially too. Just hit me up!

All of the following designs are downloadable from my storefront. Enjoy!

HKS Hipermax CT230R EVO

Ken Gushi’s Formula D GReddy FR-S

[Original] HKS Advan Silvia K’s S14. Available on the S15 regular edition too.

[Semi-Original] GReddy Trust R35 Spec-D GTR 2012 Black Edition HE. Available on the 2017 R35 too.

Max Orido’s Team RSR D1/JGTC Supra

Team RSR D1 Silvia S15. Available on the new HE too.

[Semi-Original] HKS Hipermax EVO X

Raybrig GT500 NSX-R


HKS R34 NISMO demo car

looking good

Nice work.

Great work Cake!! nice pics too!

3500 layers and 12 hours later, its finally done.

Up on the storefront now.

Ken Gushi’s 2017 Formula D GReddy GT86



(what am i even doing)

here’s my updated version of the very famous HKS CT230R

oh and also a car I like to call my daily driver.

R33 in Midnight Purple II

Both available on my storefront now :smiley:

Nice work Cakezxc , these liveries look great! especially like the GT86 and S15.

Thanks! Those 2 won in Race 25 and 26. Im proud of them.

I still have 3 more epic stuffs like those thats WIP right now :smiley:

Finally decided id want to finish the A’pexi Imamura D1GP RX-7, and here it is!

I really like this pic. Its just like the real thing :smiley:

Also im calling this one Japanese. I dont care. It’s got enough Japanese sponsor decals on it to be Japanese. Its also kawaii.