The bitter truth, the rise and fall of esports

Some of you may know that I work for ORL (online racing league). I’m also 1 of the founding members of GTR (GT-Racer) esports team on forza motorsport.

T10 have invested heavily in esports and have held 4 very succesfull esports compitions with big prizes on offer. Are we now being witness to the rise and fall of esports on forza? I say this because orl have put all events on hold until the game has adressed some issues. It’s also looking more likely that the v8 supercars who are hosting an event in Australia are going to be looking to host future events on pcars 2. This is due to a rather awkward offline event that has been plagued with issues surrounding the game.

So what’s the issue. The game plays and drives brilliantly, it looks stunning even on the old xboxes. For what I can see the spectate mode not being in game from launch is a major issue and the fact that you have to grind the game just so u win a race car. I can’t see the likes of orl and tora including the ford gt lm in any events since u can only have it if you complete and 81 lap race. Same with the No2 civic wtcc car 8 laps at the ring will get you this simple race car.

From a esports teams perspective it makes it extrely difficult to get everyone involved in any event as I have no idea if they have the car. GTR would like to host events and open lobbys but how can we do this if not everyone has the cars.

Is there a way back? Can t10 turn this round? Imo no and I’m sad to say this. I just can’t see t10 changing the grind. Ok we will eventually get spectate mode back but will that be enough. Esports rely on lots of cars being available to race and although we have 700 to choose from there are still important cars that will never be used in an event. Tell me your thoughts regarding esports and forza.


You make some damm good points in this mate.

Its also hard as a painter due to we spend more time painting than racing so now we don’t have the cars to paint so most people who unlock cars will struggle to get there team paint on car.
I know we can paint any car if you don’t own it, But its also not the same as owning the car with your design on. Its a little de-meaning


While you can paint any car even if you don’t own it, I don’t believe there’s a way to share it for others to download if you don’t own it.

Yes, painters having to grind to get the cars is an issue. I have 50+ paints ready to import, but don’t yet own the cars. In addition to those issues, they have made some ill-advised changes to the vinyl editor in FM7 that are forcing many painters to resort to painting in previous games and then importing … taking even longer to get paints into FM7.

You have to save as and share for it to work when painting a car you don’t own. But i like to go on track in car and check it over. Because if you miss and bit or make a mistake it will be very hard to change it if you don’t own car

I have noticed a lack of paints for download. I know alot of ppl havnt even transferred there paints across. It never occurred to me that you guys would be effected by the almighty grind

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Good point!

On FM4 i had DRT (Dutch Racing Team)
Now that TGT is a good as dead, i was thinking to bring back life to DRT and join E-sport competitions.

But reading this… There is no point in doing so…

Yep, this was my red line. The only reason I would have bought FM7 was to play in organised leagues (you know, like Turn10 told us to do whenever we complained about Multiplayer in FM6!)

I have zero interest in playing career mode, progression, racing against AIs, or accumulating pretend cars, items, or money. I do not grind. I just want to pay for and use the content. In fact, I have a couple of hundred bucks sitting right here that T10 can have the second they release a version of the game that isn’t crippled by the new career mode. Honestly, I’ll happily pay more for less - just an unlocked MP version with no progression or loot crates or AI or cups or achievements.

Happily, PCars2 is excellent, so I’m alright either way.

Hay zee you inspired me to post this after our chats last night. It suddenly dawned on me that T10 will never change the grind for the entire life of fm7. So I thought it would be a good idea to show how this effects esports very negatively and considering how much effort t10 put into esports I think it’s very relivant. The feed back im getting from the offline event in Australia is very daming I don’t even think they used fm7 due ti this very issue

I don’t GRIND. I just race online. I always received enough credits by racing online only , to buy what I wanted.
We had a muscle car A599 series in FM4 very fun, And in FM6 we had the continental tire challenge series.

“Happily, PCars2 is excellent, so I’m alright either way.” + the car list is good for me lots of Datsun/Nissan Z cars.
I will pick up FM7 when its a deals with gold game.

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It is bizarre that after spending so much money and effort promoting FM6 as an Esports title over the past 18 months, they should release a game that is so unsuited to Esports, both in terms of making organising events logistically difficult, and in alienating precisely the types of competitive players that are interested.

Did T10 lose interest in Esports? Do they not really understand how their own game is played? Or were they just so determined to claim a slice of that juicy microtransactions pie that they didn’t consider the consequences of what they were doing? Who knows…

Great points and hope there will be changes for you guys. Not that I am a league racer or even close, but the direction taken since FM4 is discouraging for me and many friends.

No, it’s not…at least not yet.

What you’re describing is private comps. It has likely no impact on any T10 hosted event.

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I humbly disagree with your opinion t10 may not be perfect and more often than not does have to make decisions based on who help the most, I feel they will address your concerns in the esports arena.

For the record the showcase of 8 laps of Nuremberg for the civic that car is amazing in how it feels. Give it some time but most importantly have fun.

I know since you are posting here and how well thought out your argument is you want to help and you have my support.

We can’t even order the grid manually like we did in Forza 6.

This game was so rushed in so many ways…