The best driving game ever.

I have just took my new Datsun Z 432 for a night spin. It’s awesome. Dashcam looks amazing and feels smooth like 60 fps (You should set steering deadzones to 2 - 98, sim steer). Thare is so much to do in this game.
Great Job Playground and T10! Last time I had so much fun with a new car game was when FM 1 come out!

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I give xbox 360 Forza horizon 2 67% because there it no tuneing and no dodge runner

And the tuning is where the game shines too.

Stopping in the middle of your drive to tweak something, soften the rear, adjust diffs… is really everything I’ve ever wanted in a racer.

I hold hopes for exact Forza Motorsport modeling and physics for the future, I feel they may get there. One day we’ll be able to bring vehicles back and forth between versions. I think there is a lot you can learn from tuning the cars on the road and applying that knowledge to the track.

Exact FM physics is NOT what this game needs.

There was a post on here saying they tested fh2 with exact fm5 physics and it was awful.

It is a different game to fm and needs to remain somewhat removed from that in my opinion and the opinion of those who tested it.

Forza motorsport physics would kill this game.

I personally like the physics in horizon 2 just the way they are perfectly fitting for the environment.

Apparently they tested an early build that did have full-on Forza Motorsport sim physics, and it was completely unplayable. It’s too unforgiving, the slightest bump or undulation in the road and you’d lose control.

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That is exactly what I want. You have to tame your car to be a driver. If you went in with a track tune mentality, you would fail.

I’d love the idea that it would be detrimental to PI your car to the top, but rather tune a proper driver that can compete with other drivers.

And I highly doubt that disciplined drivers would lose control over every bump. I know I wouldn’t I use my brakes and I modulate my pedal to the roads. I drive as if an accident would kill me. I do it in FM5 as well.

Well I guess you learn something every day. I had no idea you could access the tuning menu while in free roam. I’d head back to the garage every time I wanted to tweak something. Thanks!

Dont buy this on 360,the 360 is totaly crap, the x1 version is the best version.

It is an awesome game

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I was slightly disappointed in the lack of xbox360 tuning but tried to ignore it unlike the other things i mentioned else where. Then I took a few cars across map, off road and did a few races. At the point i modified my raptor and went for a spin. I have played fm3,4 and fh1 never have i felt pull away from a truck like it or handling. Then i did a few other cars and some playground games. I realised horizon has always been for the modification guys that bolt on and go. The map is huge. There could be more showcase events but meh. I refuse to let the missing bits stop me enjoying the map. As for the playground areas…how damn big love them. Oh and no huge complaints about bugs. Some glitches but still fun

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I agree. I think it’s the greatest driving game ever. (XBox One version)

I still love the simulated track racing of the Motorsport series, but for pure enjoyment, Horizon is King of the Hill.

I’d say it’s the first game for the One that I think is an absolute must-have.

if its not the best driving game its cetainly the most fun one.

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Not giving a “value” to FH2 but having owned several cars that are in the game, I can’t help to say their behavior in real life is much more predictable than in FH2. It was close in FM5, no doubt about that, but FH2 just mocks physics at certain points making my car uncontrollable.

I can drift my car very precisely in heavy rain and snow but unable to get it pointing in the right direction sometimes in FH2. Unsure who’s to blame but so far FM5 is better than FH2 as a game for drivers.

Horizon 2 is definitely up there. For me it’s more enjoyable than Motorsport just because I can chill rather than having to race all the time. I love the atmosphere of the game and the graphics and physics are the best yet in a game of this genre.

The only criticism I have is that the map still doesn’t feel epic enough yet. The only game I’ve ever experienced this feeling in was TDU/ TDU2 and I think it was down to a) the sheer size of the map, and b) the intricacy of the map (tiny city roads + mundane activities such as hair salons, clothes shopping etc.)

But hey, Turn 10 have achieved many things that Eden didn’t quite manage, so all in all I’m more than happy with Horizon 2.

I agree 100%. FH2 is by far the best open world driving game I’ve ever played, but the map doesn’t feel epic enough like you said. Before FH2, TDU was my favorite racing game. I loved owning houses and being able to go into my garage and just walk around and look at my cars. Made if feel like I was really part of the world, living there, driving around my neighborhood, etc. The leap that FH2 has made over FH1 is amazing, and if things keep going in this direction then the Forza Horizon series won’t just be my favorite car game, but will be close to being my favorite game series (after The Elder Scrolls of course, don’t think anything will ever take its place in my heart).

Forza Horizon 2 on the X1 may be indeed the best driving game out there. Is it a hardcore sim? No, but I wasn’t looking for one. It has some kinks to work out but come on, find me the videogame that doesn’t. At least they can get ironed out with patches (hopefully).

Fantastic driving game. No regrets with my purchase of the Ultimate Edition. Looking forward to enjoying all of the cars and exploring the map. GREAT JOB!

My exact sentiments.

Couldn’t agree more… Next gen has finally arrived.