The Average Joe

Personally, this is a topic of raging banter? I’ve owned every Forza game minus Horizon. Being my video game taste is strictly simulation when it comes to racing. If I’m going to play an arcade game, I’m going to play some Capcom Vs. Snk2. (Best arcade game ever to be made, but let’s move on to the concerning matter at hand) I completely understand games change as the next generation comes along, as new car models are made. Advertising new cars, ‘blah,blah,blah.’ (We’ll pay you to feature our brand) But why ‘lessen’ car selection?

Moving on to the selection of cars… Having personally owned quite a few Japanese classics and budget drift cars. While it is exceptionally fun to drive super cars that I may never own. I would very much like to drive cars I have actually owned. Toyota Celica Supra, BMW e30 325is, 325es, Nissan 280ZX and my fare share of Honda and Volkswagen. The list of FWD cars is way too long. Now specifically, nit-picking at the current roster. 1966 Nissan Silvia, Bob Sharp’s Datsun “280ZX”. And how it is nice to add the variation of model specific of Nissan 240’s. I know many people out there have denied the opposite or same sex any attention when they get down time to slide their 240’s. All just examples as to express the balance that is nowhere to be found.

So my frustration simply roots from the removal of the Celica Supra. (Having been removed since the last Motorsport) Now going through the car roster, when I find a 1966 Nissan Silvia, it makes me laugh. Do you see where this is going? Bob Sharp’s Datsun 280zx, but no Nissan 280zx? How about the Nissan R31 Skyline? I have no idea what’s going on with Toyota, but I guess they’re going to pull an appearance like Porsche and pop out of the huge birthday cake that I’m getting for my birthday. (Haha) All this being said is a 1966 Silvia more memorable than the mystical 1970 Mitsubishi Galant GTO? IDK? Opinions? I would love to spark the flame for some more banter.

Where is the BMW E30 325is? Nissan R31 Skyline? The Toyota Mk3 Supra?What about the option to convert my car to left hand or right hand drive? Why not implement these simple ideas? For Lebowski’s sake, have no one the imagination or common sense… I know I don’t make sense but jeez I do have an imagination? My Nissan 350z has no drive shaft!? Say what!? Yeah I went there. Do something about it. Step up your game. This is the last Forza game I’ll ever buy. I’m going Gran Turismo. (despite how PlayStation controllers make me feel like I have carpal tunnel)


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