The autocross showcases are a bit rough

I am by no means a slouch at autocross events. I’m in the top 2% of each leaderboard when there is an event. I am finding it difficult to beat these autocross showcases though. At least they are a bit more difficult than the other types of showcases.

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I tried two and didn’t pass either one. After many tries, I was 3 seconds off the MX-5, so I’ll eventually get that one, but I wasn’t anywhere near the ballpark for the corvette. I usually try them without assists, but I don’t think that’ll be possible for me with the high powered cars.

I have the pace to beat the Corvette Autocross showcase but I need to do it without hitting any cones. My last run I hit one cone which put me 3 seconds over the target time. Haven’t tried the other ones yet. In FM5 and even FM4 I never had any problems beating the autocross target times. FM6 so far seems more challenging, which I don’t mind.

I really hate these events. I don’t get the appeal of going through cones

I want to drive an AMG GT fast not through cones. Im thinking about just putting it on easy to get these stupid events out of the way


that’s odd, what difficulty do you have it set to? I have mine set on average and I beat them all my first try.

maybe turn down the difficulty if you’re struggling?

Difficulty levels in Autocross events? I didn’t know there was such a thing.

if it works like the other forzas, the ai difficulty also affects times for autocross and scores for bowling, haven’t fully tested this though. I do know on the Mercedes challenge I was given 3:40 to complete it and did it in 3:12

I’m pretty bad at everything but I’ve managed to do the autocross events

You cannot hit a single cone otherwise you will not complete it in time

You can also use rewind feature

The only showcase I have struggled with was the McLaren P1 passing challenge, took me 5 tries and I just got the right amount of cars inches before the finish line!

Yea, I just checked it out. At Highly Skilled, Rio was 3:05, but at Newb it was 4:05. (Too bad I already beat most of them at Highly Skilled.)

I love the sea of cones on Hockenheim, nothing better than blowing through there at full throttle and hearing the game beep like crazy as you pass 15 gates at once.

I was struggling at Pro. Eventually got all of them, but barely. I think that Unbeatable for autocrosses is nearly impossible.

Did the Masda one on Unbeatable and that was all I could manage. Changed it for others.