The auction house is a failure

Forza 7’s auction house, (like horizon 3) is unfair to the players. It artificially fixes the market for cars, and unless you’re a high level designer, the value of your vehicle is set. Old forza games like 3 and 4 for instance, you were able to make a forza living in the auction house, buying and selling cars for profits, with an occasional gold mine that could make this pass time alot of fun. In forza 7 however it is nearly impossible to make profits on cars. This may be by design to make players play the game, however is that really the best route? Great games like forza 4 let you play your way, which is what made them great! I would really like to see the opening of the auction house to a free market, where cars are bought and sold at their fair market value, not what forza says it’s worth.


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