The Asthmatics Want You!

Hey everyone,

we are brining the club to Forza Horizon 4 [AS17] The Asthmatics here is what we do

Me and some friends have started a club where we do everything over the moon.
All are welcome. We have our tournaments within the club (with plans of having inter-club tournaments in the future) special challenges and more. We have just added to that three drag racing lists (inspired by street outlaws) for all those drag racers who would like to join. Here are the details of the three lists:
• 400KW at least 1000KG
• Race Tyres
• Up to 225 Tyre width
• At least 1000KG
• 350KW under 1250KG
• 370KW over 1249KG
• Up to 255 for tyre width
• Street Tyres
• 260KW over 1000KG
• Stock Tyre (as in street tyre should be an upgrade)
• Stock Tyre Width
• The top five from both FWD and RWD/AWD make up a ten car list
• If you lose your 5th spot on the FWD and RWD/AWD list, you lose your spot on the TOP 5. Added to that, one you enter TOP 5, you start from the bottom
• If you hold two spots in Top 5 that are sequential, then both the driver’s cars are at the highest spot (i.e., I you hold 4th and 5th in TOP 5, your position will be 4th for both cars, which means you can call out using either car, and be called out against either car ).
All list Positions will be scored based on FIA Formula 1 Point Scale for an adjacent league (for who is the best driver/tuner)
1st 25
2nd 18
3rd 15
4th 12
5th 10
6th 8
7th 6
8th 4
9th 2
10th 1
After every Race Night, the points are dished out across the three lists, which means 1st place on both lists nets the driver 75 points every race night (3 x 25 = 75 75) if they never lose a spot
Call-outs are done on the Club News Board on the Xbox App (or during RACE NIGHT) and must be either accepted by RACE NIGHT. If not accepted, the driver will lose their spot on the list.
Saturday Night, after 20:00 South African Time (official time will be communicated via the Club Wall)
If you are interested, pop me a message and I can send you a club invitation so that you can see what we are about. Hope to see you there

Our rules will be updated for horizon 4 changes (inclusion of drag tires etc.)

[AS17] The Asthmatics

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sweet, maybe we could link up? have a cash days? who knows?
Any reason you had to spam a bunch of other clubs posts with a link back to yours.

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:D, I want to promote inter club competition, hard to find a club interested in competing with other clubs, figure this would elicit a response, but it is good that you spamed me with my response, just wished you posted my link too (or your own link :D)

Rules subject to change-
No banned cars

Fwd: Power to weight=536/798, no limits
Rwd: Power to weight=717/1322, upto race tyres
Mid engine Awd: Power to weight=531/1428, upto race tyres
Rear engine Awd: Power to weight=554/1486, upto race tyres
Front engine Awd: Power to weight=578/1175, upto race tyres

Awd to Rwd conversion allowed (falls under mid ruleset)
All engines allowed