The 32 Ford and the 73 Trans Am issues...

I checked the Ford after all these updates etc. and it still turns into a roofless mess when you try to do the kit that removes the fenders.

I also noticed when I try to change the 73 TA from red to green or white the bird stays orange like it would be on the red version.

I think Forza 6 always had problems with the Trans Am logo on the spoiler staying orange even when the car and the bird were right for the green version etc.

Strange how the TA seems to be always off in the Motorsport games but fine in the Horizon games.

Anybody else having the TA “bird stays orange” issue?


If we were choosing the paint as we bought the car we wouldn’t have the issue, but since we have to change the colour through the design menu it will only change the base colour. This will happen with any of the remaining locked cars with colour specific wheels and decals.


Hmmmm, pretty poor planning for a game on its 7th version…ugh.


In a car that shouldn’t have been locked to begin with. Sorry, had to say it


My my a serious problem indeed but I think it is one most of us could live with with out to much stress.

But yep it seemes to happen with most of the Fire Birdds with that design but car runs good and drives well once tweake so is all good for me.

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I’m having the same issue with the Firebird. That decal is iconic to some people. It’s a shame that they got the color coordination wrong. Suggest reporting on the support forum.

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With the Trans Am it’s not only the color that’s wrong, the decal won’t vanish when you pick a solid color either.

It seems to disappear when you go into vinyls.

I’m surprised that no one has mentioned that the wheels aren’t centered in the wheel wells on the TA. The chassis is moved forward of the body, leaving a big gap behind the wheels.


It seems that the game is starting to run fine now with no major problems as some of the post lately to this forum have been some what nitpicking to say the least. If these are your biggest gripe about the game then you have littel to be concerned over unless that last patch performed a miracle in programing, If so then a big High 5 to T10


It’s not that important but it’s a bug and should be addressed eventually.

Not many people have made good designs for this car either.

I was able to use FM6 to import the correct color schemes for the white and green 73 TA. I’ve made the designs public if you’d like to use them, or you may do the same with FM6.

Buy a new car with the color you want in FM6, save the design, and then import it to FM7. At first the decals will be missing, so go back into paint car. As soon as you move off of the default color, the correct screaming chicken will be displayed.

the same problem is happening with the ford ute FE given today in the leagues