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Hello guys, I’m pretty new here (though I’ve played Forza games for many years). I made designs on a previous gamertag but I no longer use it online. I can’t say I’m good at designing stuff for the Forza games, but I’ll try my best.

Most of my designs should be up for download, just look for my gamertag.

Here’s one to start things off, the GT500 skin from TrackMania 2 Canyon for the 2015 Mustang. This was the first design I made back in Forza 4, I think I remember sharing it too.

UPDATE 2016-10-15: I’m now going make designs for Horizon 3 as I’ve been playing more of that instead of Horizon 2. I’ll still make most of my designs in FM6 and port them over to Horizon 3 if possible.

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its a good start keep at it.
always be custom when it comes to logo’s it looks better and is more rewarding in the end. cant wait to see more.
if you do replica’s i like to post image of real car then the finshed one. helps others get an idea of what there looking. just my advice but i see you have potential bud as i said cant wait to see more.

New paintjob, DiRT Rally Livery1/7 for the '65 Mini Cooper S


It’s my first time making a livery with actual logos, so I picked something pretty simple to start of with. I admit that I did make some shortcuts with the Cobra and Veho logos using the premade fonts, but I’ll try doing less of it unless they’re very small (small enough that it’s a pixelated mess when in-game). This design is also available on my Horizon 3 storefront.

New paintjob, the Hankook livery from Need For Speed Shift for the 2008 BMW M3. A livery that isn’t red for once :stuck_out_tongue:


NFS Shift has some really nice fantasy liveries, I may consider doing more of them. This design is also available on Horizon 3.

UPDATE: Just uploaded an alternate version with black wheels as requested by someone from the Forza subreddit.