That state of public lobby's

Is anyone else fed up of trying to have clean races in R class but you get idiots that just wipe everyone out. Turn 10 why don’t you introduce some sort of licnce you need to acquire for each classes the majority of fast clean racers in the community are getting fed up an considering leavening for a new racing due to the state of public lobby’s FIX IT!!!

What they should have done is have an endurance racing hopper instead of just R class. I can’t believe they took that out of 6, it was one of the best online racing series in 5

I agree. I wish turn 10 would implement something that would either encourage people to race clean, or a system to discourage them from hitting us. Maybe if the game recognizes you as a dirty racer you can only join a dirty racers “pool”, similar to what Rockstar implemented in GTA for cheaters. And endurance hoppers would be a pleasant return as well.

I agree, I am so tired of getting a nice start and being in 1st-2nd heading into the first turn and getting rammed by these idiot rammers. What are they thinking? Sick of it! How do you think you can successfully make a tight corner at the end of long straightaway, throttle mashed in to the floor, with a car tuned with a 8.0 speed and 4.5 handling and braking? So you ram and take out half the field and speed off…STOP! Was in a A class race the other night on the YAS and this happened and I’m catching up to the rammer and this Skyline passes me like I’m standing still and rams this rammer into tomorrow and quite a few mics light up including mine with a “nice, thank you man, he got what was deserved” I’m not condoning revenge but this is getting frustrating.


The “dirty racers” issue has been discussed here for years, although it has gotten a little worse with the larger grids in Forza Motorsport 6.

All I can recommend, other than being a clean racer yourself, is to take part in Leagues. The higher Divisions have very clean racing as you can see below, and there are also Ghost Leagues for those that want to avoid all forms of contact.

Was racing last night and i usually finish at or near the top, but went through 3 lobbies and was getting smashed every lap. Was impossible to race, i think a license system like what iracing uses would be perfect. Was so frutrating yesterday as i had just tuned the new nismo gtr and could not get a decent race in, i was so excited to race that car but excitement turned to anger and frustration which made me wanna give up playing forza.