That Cross-gen Question

Right, rumors and leaks right now suggest that there’s a build for FM8 on the Xbox One. Now, I can’t necessarily verify it myself, but it looks like the answer is “not gonna happen”.

But still, it has me worrying. With all the talk that last-gen considerations are now impeding progress in game development, what can we expect from the new Forza Motorsport reboot, now that an Xbox One version is possible?

Are you talking about some 1 year old screenshots that were leaked recently?

Yeah, I’m gonna wait for something more official to get upset over it.

Anyway it’s so sad when someone that got the chance is breaking NDA.

It was already stated that the new Forza will only be playable on the next gen consoles. I haven’t seen anything official to refute that. They ran some tests a while back which were able to be played on the one, but it’s doubtful the final release will be.

It’s definitely best to assume FM8 will be next gen only, because as you said there’s nothing official to refute that. No point in getting carried away from rumours imo.

That said, I think Gran Turismo 7 was originally announced to be next gen only and ended up being cross gen.

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i hope they don’t pull the same crap they did with horizon 2 and the 360/xb1 versions. after all the pre-orders and game release they let us know the 360 version did not include these features!!

be honest and upfront with us this time!!

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