That 5 Drivatars & can I change the opponents cars thread

I’m disappointed that T10 will not be bringing back customisable online lobbies but I’m not surprised sadly. At least there may be hope if they are bringing in some ideas to combat the trolls.

However, this thread is about something that amazed a lot of people, myself included, in FM6. The fact that I couldn’t create a race with one of my mates online (a private lobby) with a full 24 players. No, of course this stupid system of linking only 5 drivatars to each players xbox was designed. Meaning that where in FM4 we could race with 12 or 16 players (I forget which), we suddenly only had 10 opponents. To add further insult to injury, we also couldn’t choose the cars we were racing against (other than trying to fine tune the filters which isn’t the same).

So, on the basis that the lobbies in my first sentence aren’t being brought back (despite the thousands of posts on this very forum in FM6), I doubt they’ve bothered to do anything about the above either. So, whilst I love Forza (see my tier level), I won’t be buying FM7 for quite some time if at all (and I bought the Ultimate of FM6) just so I can see my driver and give him a personalised driving suit (sarcasm intended).

I assume there’s been no news re the above, so I will watch with interest but not with any great hope.

Anyone else feel the same?


Yup I wish this wasn’t the case and I would also love all the settings and filters in the private lobbies to make its way to free play with the addition of being able to change the Drivatar’s cars individually.

It still amazes me that this was available on previous iterations and was removed (not the only thing I know).

I would just love to set up a Multi class GT race for myself for example, over a proper endurance distance and choose the competition (and be able to have them at the max PI for the class of course).

Let’s keep our eyes on developments as they are announced …

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At least they could make the Freeplay option be an actual free play option. I really used the custom settings in FM4 a lot, and I really see myself playing way less FM6 just because of that.

The thing I really don’t understand is, that all we want are options. It doesn’t have to force anyone to do anything, but it makes a lot of very interesting stuff possible for everyone. And that thread was extremely long and populated in FM6.

It’s like race weekends with qualifying. The “Casual Gamer” does not want to deal with this in the career, so it is not in the game. Fine…but what about Freeplay?


These two issues are, for me, the two single most important aspects of a future Forza Motorsport game. Currently, I do not own an Xbox one, but I would be willing to buy one if these features or lack thereof are remedied. Thus far, I have preferred to stick with my trusty 360 and the still-superb Forza 4, which I understand still blows its successor FM games out of the water when it comes to features. Yes, I posted in that huge thread we had on the subject for Forza 6 (around page 16 I think).

I’ve found the longevity of Forza to be in private lobbies racing against AI. In F4 I can set up a race, pretty much to my exact wishes. In my experience the career mode is over far too quickly (I have the bucket list achievement in both F3 & F4). I have no wish to race online with other people. I only have a limited xbox friends list, and none of them have any interest in Forza. I am also far from a fast or ruthless racer (I find the challenge on F4’s ‘professional’ AI setting to be perfect). I have no wish to race online in short, frenetic and bad-tempered races with a bunch of corner-cutters, rammers, leaderboard-car-drivers and foul-mouth tough-talkers (apologies I realise some peopleare quite friendly and civil in both racing etiquette and vocal manners, but that’s been my main experience).

Simply put, I wish to be able to race against a large field of AI-controlled cars (note I said AI, who for the most part can drive well on the racing line – and not drivatars which I understand aggressively corner cut and side-swipe) and also choose each individual car that the AI will drive (sorry, but category, PI range, body type or other broad filters are just nowhere near enough).

In Forza 4, I could set up a private lobby, race against 11 AI cars and choose the circuit, layout, no. of laps, AI skill level, each individual AI car, end of race timer, and also customise things further with grid time-delays for PI-handicap-staggered fields and separate race groups etc.

Seriously Turn 10, for goodness sake, please, please address these features that worked well in your previous game(s). If Forza 7 offers me the ability to set up my races as I can in Forza 4 (choosing AI cars individually) and lets me race against a large field of AI cars (F3 permitted 7 AI, F4 permitted 11 AI) – I’d expect at least 23+ but ideally as many AI as I could real people online… then I will likely pre-order the game and buy a console in advance. If these features remain omitted, then I don’t care how impressive the graphics/physics/sounds/weather/track list/car list/whatever are, I will continue to hold off from investing in an Xbox one and future Forza games. Personally I don’t mind that these features aren’t available in free play – I would be happy to continue stumping up the Gold-Live fee to access all features in private online lobby. I totally understand that you’ve streamlined/simplified the game to appeal to the casual masses, but surely providing options that have already been in your previous games is a reasonable request. Come on - progression not regression! Features and options add to the game play experience, not just graphics etc. There’s a reason that Forza 4 is spoken about with such nostalgia by huge swathes of the community.

Finally, while I’m on the subject of features, it would also be great if you could have an option/multiplier to increase tyre wear and fuel consumption so that we can force pit-stop strategy in shorter races. I understand that we can now finally repair aero damage in the pits – I applaud you for that. If we could also have an option to pause a game when you’re only racing AI that would also be grand!

Thanks v much for your time.


These custom lobbies would be very useful in Forza RC. hint hint

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The ‘picking ai cars’ issue is fundamental. It’s the reason why I still play Forza 4 instead of 6. Blueprint was a good start and is why I still play Horizon.


Last FM game I played was FM4 on my x360 (which rrod’ed while playing fm4 lol). It was a long break from FM games for me but now I will definitely buy FM7 IF the game will have “custom race” or whatever mode which will let me pick race mode/track and every car/AI from the list. Fully customizable races. Nothing less. I don’t need career or any other single player progression system but I need customizable races. For me it’s simple - if FM7 will let me do this then I’m proredering NAO (with new OS - win10 and new x360 gamepad, just for fm7). If not then I don’t know… will have to wait and see. Part of this “forza magic” feel was the ability to race whatever I want… like 6 genrations of evo’s vs 6 generations of wrx’s… honda civics vs golf’s GTi’s… etc. Loved it. Still need it.


Rudyard77 - I wish I could upvote you a million times.

So many others, too.

The love for the older game(s) on the previous console is understood entirely, and your desire to see such features in the next one mirror my own. You’ve all said it already, so all I could possibly do is reiterate, repeat; If we can’t set up true custom races, either online or off, the new game may be a non-starter for many of us long-time players…


Thanks Roger

For anyone interested, here is the link for ‘that’ 32-page monster thread in the FM6 forum on the subject:

32-Page FM6 Thread

Let’s hope that Turn 10 is aware of our views on this, and that FM7 has a much-improved range of features/options relative to FM6!

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I like an idea someone posted on another thread asking if you could change the AI drivers’ names. Wouldn’t it be sweet if you could make up or blueprint a championship and put all the real opponents’ names in there to compete against you?


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I believe you can choose the car the AI would race

Based upon what evidence fella, where have you seen that?

if we get a similar blue print option like in forza horizon 3, but have more options on what cars the AI races would be good

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I’ve been a long time Forza fan and absolutely loved Forza 3 and 4. With 5 and 6, among other things, Turn 10 took away the option of selecting specific AI cars for your lobbies, as well as limiting the amount of AI cars in these lobbies to only 5. I have a handful of racing buddies, and our favorite thing was to set up private lobbies, fill them up with a bunch of AI cars of varying skill levels, pick the cars the AI would be use, and race endlessly. Before I order Forza 7, does anyone know if this has been addressed for 7? It may seem like a simple thing, but this oversight pretty much ruined the last two games for me. I’m not sure I’ll bother with 7 if it’s more of the same. Another thing I miss from earlier Forzas, was the ability to set up basic online championships. Sure it was a rudimentary point system, but for us, it added a ton of replay value. If anyone has any insight, it would be greatly appreciated.


We have seen pretty much nothing regarding Multiplayer so far, how its menus are structured and what features/options it will have.

Free Play now has expanded options, similar to the private Lobby settings from recent titles.

There are advanced filtering options for which cars Drivatars can select from, but no way to select Drivatar cars one-by-one.

I was wondering if there will be a “Drivatar” limit number for private online matches?

In Forza 6 wasn’t it limited to 1 Player = 5 Drivatars?



Thats a good point…not sure why there was a limit before?

I’m not seeing this in the stream I’ve watched today. Only one race have I seen a single AI well ahead.

plus drivatar still not full at this time… maybe tomorrow after almost everyone played it they have the drivatar data of everyone