Thanks Turn10 for the new rival events!

Turn10 you just breathed new life into the game for me and i am sure a bunch of others! Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

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Thanks from me too. Plus with most of the community tearing it up around southern Europe I’ve gone from a top 1000 player to a top 100…for now,

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Couldn’t have said it better! These rival events are killer and it’s great to see the variety again! Thank T10!

Thanks from me too. Rivals events are the best game mode to me and I thought that Turn10 was forgot this mode.

I’m getting excited and I’m ready to get home and try some of these out. Are there any good new ones that don’t require the use of DLC content though. I noticed with the ones that were previously available some utilized DLC content. I hate that they do that.

Yep, Thanks for doing your job Turn 10… I mean after all some of us just bought the game a couple months ago… since we had to Trash our Fanatec Wheel and CS Pedals (3 pedals all metal) for over priced plastic wheel and pedals (2 pedals no clutch). So yes, I’d like to thank you for updating the rivals event which should be every month, but heck, at least its updated.

You can still use your pedals. Get a basherboards CPX adapter. It allows them to work with the TX wheel.

+1 - that’s my setup. I got in on the first batch of CPX adaptes in March and have had no issues with my Club Sport pedals and the TX wheel.