Thanks for the Forzathon Infiniti sports car this week but...

Why does this thing have the wrong sound sample from the R35 Skyline? It’s bad enough having V6 cars sound like V12 engines at higher RPM’s - why does this thing have a copy/paste of the incorrect car sound from the Skylines?

Look, I’m just asking for some frank answers here. The game is so good overall - it clearly shows the hard work and dedication T10 have put in, especially the physics, then why did they end up taking so many shortcuts with car sound?

Is it really too much to ask to have a team of dedicated sound engineers add the proper samples to the game that are missing from the car sound files? I know the game has under 300 distinct samples for some 700 odd cars.

Can we please have the correct sounds added already along with a MAJOR boost to car volume and bass? many of us “proper car guys” have waited a solid 10 months. Please update the samples and increase volume/bass. Please!

Because it actually has a VR38 from the R35 GT-R.


I thought that might have been said in jest, as I fully expected that someone complaining about the engine sound should know what engine was making the sound in order to complain about it being wrong… but a quick search showed me it does indeed have the Skyline engine.

If you’re looking for answers from T10, I wouldn’t hold your breath. To my knowledge they have never directly answered this question in any Forza title. If I had to guess it depends on the vehicles they are given to model in game cars and whether or not they get the chance to actually drive it and push the limit with it. Some cars they may not be able to drive at all, but are only able to physically model them and then base physics and performance specs on established critieria. If I had to guess, the sound may not sound right to you at higher RPM because they weren’t able to drive the car hard enough or fast enough when sampling to get that audio. If I owned for example a McLaren or vintage car modelled in the game, I wouldn’t want T10 opening the thing up to 150mph just to perfect the audio notes.