Thanks for the advice Alan J T - I owe ya big time

I had my 2017 Ford GT FE at S800 which was 650HP and on unbeatable Le Mans I was finding it impossible to catch any of the cars that were either in the lead or were lucky enough to pass me(I can make a VW beetle 12ft wide when required). I was reluctant to take your suggestion and upgrade the beast thinking that is only going to make the competition worse. Anyway, I went ahead and tweaked it a little to P910 1182HP thinking at least the 20 laps of pain will be over quicker. Besides a few initial braking/tuning issues which I have now resolved it is fantastic and not only can I beat the mongrels if one gets past I can catch it. Good payout too. 20 laps - 1h:18 on idle @ 1st - 1’130’000CR + 80’000CR Level up bonus 4 cars(Currently on a rerun of the free offers) which is all better than a poke in the eye with a rusty nail. The Drivatars still behave the same but so hell-bent on catching you or knocking you off the road the make more mistakes.

If I could gift you a car or two I would… But I can’t so suck eggs. However, I will give u a big thank you for the advice and it is a game changer on this track. This will certainly make my Specialty Dealer last minute CR panic problem disappear.


Can you post some more information about the car tune ?

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I will put the tune and paint job for the Ford GT up shortly. I don’t think I can fine tune it much more probably do more harm than good.

also, a 2017 Ford Focus FE S760 set up for Watkins Glen which has an excellent record for kicking butt on unbeatable.

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Glad you like the Car Luna :kissing_heart: is a nice fast grinder for making quick creds. And will be replacing the Escort as my main grinding car 50 laps of Lemans old should take about 2h and 40 minuits and net about 2,700,000 credits :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

And as for the Tune for the 2017 Ford GT FE it is a PI 923 putting the GT in P class with a top speed of over 252mph

Car is built and tuned to Max with 1182hp RWD Twin Turbo

0 to 100mph in less than 4.4 seconds makes for a car that can easily catch up.

I tuned the GT so I could make use of my 250mph and over mod cards that give a 80% credit boost with 2,000xp

10 laps of lemans will net you over 500,000 using mod cards with 80%credit boost.

This tune is shared under my Gamer Tag Alan J T so just grab it and then bust it down if you want this will give you all the parts you need to make the tune your self.

Car drives well and is very quick and a lot of fun to drive.
And if your not sure about running on Unbetable in free play just use the bucket system to nobbel the competion.:grinning:

I will buy another 2017 Ford GT FE and grab your set up too Alan it sounds like a hoot. I love that track it has enough turns to keep you on your toes but plenty of straights for a quick nap or coffee.

If you’re VIP you can make about 1,000,000 credits an hour on any track with an Indy/F1/LMP/fast car. I’m not a VIP and I can pull in 880,000/hr with good mods running circles on Indy. If I was a VIP, toss in another 220,000.

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Yeah POOhhead You gotta find a way to raise the CR even if it can get a bit dull at times. My plan is to just race my with the appropriate FE cars with 4 level ups to grab the current free cars and buy 1 of the 700’000 to 1.1 Mil cars I have stashed in rewards waiting at the end of each race. Raise a little for the SD each week. I figure Nord in the Beamer, Watkins Glen in the Focus and the Ford GT at Le Mans adds a little variety with the turns etc to practice.

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