Thank you

So I’ve been playing forza for close to 5 years now and I have never had any issues with my games or rewards or anything. The amount of complaints and whining on these forums is ridiculous. Sure there’s things that aren’t perfect, do I sigh every time I don’t see a bug eye Impreza spec c rar on the car list… But I have to commend turn ten for the effort they have put into there games. This genre is incredibly hard to nail. Where as a normal person can’t put down their controller and go out and say fight aliens, I can and do go out and race my car. That means that we as a community have way higher expectations than that of other genres. So to turn ten I say thank you, thank you for giving me hundreds of hours of enjoyment for the last 5 years!
Also… put a damn 2002 Impreza spec-c rar in a game… I mean c’mon you put the svx in for gods sake…

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