Thank you Turn 10 Team

Hello to the Turn 10 Team!

Thank you for all the updates, changes and improvements you have made to Forza 7, unlocked and extra cars and things.

I am looking forward to seeing all the great stuff recently announced which you’re working on to be added/changed in coming updates.

Thanks! Very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,



Monday, August 6 beginning at 1 p.m. Pacific.

From the Week In Review:
“In addition, we’ll be breaking down the August update for Forza Motorsport 7 in all sorts of detail. Along the way we’ll have special guests and an in-studio car that you’re going to love. If you’re a Forza fan, make sure you clear your calendars and tune in on the official Forza Motorsport Twitch and Mixer channels for the big show!”


I also want to chime in and extend my thanks for the improvements they’ve been making.

Er ahem… please make improvements to cough cough car sounds too.

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Good job Turn10.

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I wanted to take time to say thank you as well. I have been vocal on the forums about some of these features that the game was missing and it is FAN-tastic to see turn 10 putting in the effort to make things right. I am finally starting to see the version of Forza 7 I was so excited for when I got the game. Thanks for unlocking so many of the cars for us, It is so nice to finally have a reason to spend my in game credits on cars I want. Thanks you for trying to clean up track cutting and making leaderboards reflect clean driving. Thanks for a test drive option under tuning!!! Thank you for listening to your customers. Way to go to Turn 10, Keep it up.

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I came here to send a “thanks” message as well. I jumped on the game a few nights ago and had several free cars. It was great!

I would love to know why I got them (some, I suspect, were from the July events), but I’m definitely not complaining. Maybe to tack a suggestion on to this “thanks” message, the “you’ve been gifted a car by T10” message could give a little explanation? I’m not sure how hard that would be to implement. It would definitely encourage me to participate in events if I knew they were the reason I got free stuff. :smiley:

Class rivals:Good on you turn 10

Just thought I’d say THANK YOU T10 as well. The effort that you are putting back into this game is not going unnoticed. It is very much appreciated.

I also saw a post from the staff asking what we the community thinks needs to be improved in the paint booth. Even if this is for future games, I am excited that T10 is openly asking the community for feedback, and making an effort. Thanks again.

No longer is THIS t10’s theme song.

Big thumbs up to topic starter and turn 10!
It is great to compliment the developers, they are working really hard on the Forza games.
I don’t own the game that long but I can see they keep improving the game and the updates are really great!

Keep up the great work, loving Forza!

Can I just say after so much bad news, THANK YOU TURN10 for finally adding class based rival events. Makes the game a lot more appealing to play again.