Thank you turn 10 for real racing! No collisions b class. Please add more classes.

Thanks so much turn 10 i can now drive and not get hit in 1st or any turn! I have wanted this since forza 2. Please add it to all online hoppers of you can. Thanks again no more crashes just clean racing and hopefully people will be nice online. You mess up and go off the road its on the driver. Whooo hooo for none collision update game type.


The rooms are full loving it thanks turn 10 this is the best racing imo.

I agree and disagree.

I do like having a lobby where wreckers don’t matter.

It’s just a shame that there are so many bad sports out there that this “sanitized” form of Forza was neccessary.


I know what your saying. I have no fun playing bumper cars. 1st turn hit. Not to manu clean racers. None collison is about skill and tune. The best drive makes mistakes. I can see what i need to improve om without butt slams lol. You should give it a try.

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Also nobody screaming amd cursing over hits. No more rude messages its a plus.

To clarify: By “bad sports”, I meant the wreckers themselves, NOT those who gripe about them. Just read my post back to myself, realized it could be taken the wrong way.

How is no collisions real racing? That’s pretty much just everybody hot-lapping at the same time.

I get that you are tired of being wrecked, but please don’t call it “real racing”.


When is bumper cars real racing? The guy rhat gets around 1st turn is he not hot lapping? No skill


Ever see the last lap of a Nascar race when 1st and 2nd are side by side?

I do appreciate the effort on T10’s part but I feel like the “Bad sport” system in GTAV would do even better in FM5.

For those of you who don’t know, players may buy and personalize their vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V Online, when those personal cars are destroyed by a player, not only do they pay the insurance premium, but that player also gets a temporary “bad mark” for a while, get enough “bad marks” in a short enough time, your character is forced to wear a dunce hat and can only play in lobbies which only contain other “bad sports” for a period of time (not game time, real time. It scales depending on how often you are labeled a bad sport, I don’t know if there is a permanent bad sport punishment). There’s also a report button in-game in case the players find some cheeky way of griefing that the game doesn’t automatically punish. (Which they do… a lot… but for the most part, it works.)

It seems like making players that frequent heavy accidents only able to play in ghost mode in lobbies with other crashers would be a decent punishment. Not being able to crash into each other would only leave them to race and hopefully teach them that the game is fun in a competitive sense, and accidentally landing yourself in “bad sport” would only allow you to practice racing other people and get better without hitting people on accident.

Bumping is nothing. Ramming is different entirely.

Harry Hogge: Cole, you’re wandering all over the track!
Cole Trickle: Yeah, well this son of a !#$%^ just slammed into me.
Harry Hogge: No, no, he didn’t slam you, he didn’t bump you, he didn’t nudge you… he rubbed you. And rubbin, son, is racin’.

You do realize you are quoting an unrealistic movie?

This new hopper is not ‘realistic’. The other existing hoppers are also not ‘realistic’ - no damage and no penalties for blatant ramming. This new hopper has been loads of fun and a nice change up.

What? Next you’ll tell me Ahnold is not a robot from the future. shock
If the best justification a person can employ is a quote from fictional movie, there’s usually not much point in responding to them.

Wait, do you mean that he also didn’t have a baby like in Junior? Reality is now destroyed for me :frowning:

Kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

As somebody who has done a fair amount of the B-Class no-collision lobby, I don’t agree with that sentiment as much as I first did. Yes, the lack of collisions does remove an element from the race. But, it is certainly more than simple hotlapping. I’ve had a couple of really good races that went down to the wire and I had the heart-pounding excitement of trying to catch the guy. It certainly doesn’t play like a solitary, ho-hum hotlapping session.

Aside from the numerous problems with wreckers, I also suffer from bad network connections which make me more prone to getting hit than normal, even from people who aren’t trying to. So, this option really works for me.

Fact is, “real racing” for me currently results in getting smashed off the track in about 75% of races. This “fake racing” is a load of fun. I’ll stick with fun.



Please point to the section of my post where I said it wouldn’t be fun for anybody.

My post was pretty darn clear. No collision racing is just hot lapping, there is literally no actual “racing” that’s going on, it’s simply time trials/qualifying. Racing involves having to pick spots to pass, trying different lines throughout the track to get position on the other driver, avoiding the other drivers, etc. etc.

I’m happy that you enjoy it, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t. I’m simply saying that the OP’s title is ridiculous because it’s not real racing.

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I have to agree. Tnx. T10

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I agree. I am guilty of enjoying these no collision lobbies when I don’t feel like using my mic and want to hot lap, but this is not real racing. I’d also like to see more lobbies for this though.

Wait was something updated?

i race in real life, i cannot “drive through” another car. why? because its a car not a ghost. ghost mode just masks the real problem; poor racing etiquette and poor drivers. figuring out how to pass someone IS racing.
with that said i see no problem with hot lapping with other drivers at the same time.

Unlike real life though in Forza you get rammed purposely and brake checked etc, because its a game. People are not gonna wreck little like real life, they go overboard. At least with no collisions people can win based on driving rather than wrecking their way in front.

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