Thank you Mods

It seems Mods have finally had what was probably the planned affect on me. That is, after quite a few games of having various assists switched off, I’ve now switched them off permanently. All apart from the clutch, but that would be a nightmare because I use my forefinger on the brake, so trying to manage a clutch and brake would prove very difficult.

I don’t know why I didn’t switch over to manual and assists turned off sooner. It’s really not as hard as I thought it would be, and I only occasionally get the gears wrong, but the noise from the engine alerts me very quickly.

Re map clutch to A button then when you go to change gear you hit clutch at same time is in settintings Controller Advanced settings.

Thank you for the advice. I will give it a go.

Does using clutch speed up gear changes much, or offer other boosts?

On your older cars yes it can help like classic musel and slower cars but on the hyper cars no will most likey slow you down as IRL most have a twin electric clutch that changes in 1,000s of a second or something like that so on old clunkers it won’t hurt to try but the High performance cars will likey slow you down


You don’t need the clutch. The computer does a better job at handling the clutch than can humans. Plus the way the clutch is implemented is not what it would be in a real-world situation, so I don’t even know they bother with the clutch at all. The claim that you get some kind of boost when using it is debatable, as I’ve been beating some pretty fast people who use the clutch. You’re better off without it !

I wasn’t that keen on the idea of mods in FM6 but instead of whining and moaning about something new I started to use them. After years of Mario Kart view. I was pleasantly “forced” into using dash cam and have carried on with this into FH3 and now FM7. The new stuff is again pleasantly “forcing” me into doing new stuff and I’m genuinely loving the game. I even bought VIP and the car pack today as a Christmas bonus to T10 as a thank you :wink:

I like the mods for assists. I know people complain about no bonus for turning assists off, but the mods pay way more than previous assists bonuses ever did

People keep telling me I need to race with the clutch on more but no need. The only mods that i’ve been using quite frequently is the perfectionist and lockdown. I really only use mods that reward XP, not really in need of credits. I do wanna unlock all those LOCKED cars