Thank you John/Turn 10 for the poster

Just received my poster in the mail today. Thanks John and Turn 10 :slight_smile:


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Looks pretty cool! How did you get that? I’d love to pick one up if its possible. Please tell me it didn’t involve spamming John.


It was from the turn 10 Studios twitch livestream, found here:

Simple instructions like his facebook page ‘Johniwanna’ which I already did, then follow the Heavy Metal Affliction instagram page. Then send your address to his facebook page.

Not sure if it’s still going or not, from what I got it was a limited time deal. Best to ask John during the next Twitch stream if there’s any still available. It was a freebie so I’m not sure if John has any left of not.

Very nice

I’m not on Instagram and I don’t really watch any Twitch livestreams. It’s OK though - I can live without a poster.


There could be another opportunity in the future, so you may be able to grab yourself one :slight_smile: