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Hey guys,

Let’s begin with a short introduction. I’ve played Forza Motorsport 3 and a lot of 4. Some FM2 and FH1 as well. I’ve always been into tuning and the technical side of things. In FM4 I spent most of my time on my trusty test track Catalunya. Either tuning drift cars on school or racers on gp. Did a lot of drift lobbies (both points and tandem) I did not race a huge amount then but I did do a couple of hours of rivals every now and again.

These days, Forza finally arrived on PC so of course I’m back at it, tuning and drifting. I read CW’s Tuning Guide by xCaesars Wrathx and its topic. Then I adapted Clark GriswoId’s Google sheets tuning calculator to support the metric system and added a bunch of features to get the suspension just right. This is what I use for a baseline tune after I do the build. Have a pretty good feel by now to decide on all the parameters I need to put in.

I find myself spending way too much of my time doing hotlaps in rivals mode and perfecting the tune by solving the puzzle. How do I overcome the weakness of this car to make it just a bit faster. I wouldn’t call myself the best driver out there by a long shot, but I did manage to get myself pretty high on the leaderboards by just putting in my laps and perfecting the tune (top 0.1% if I try and top 250 if I really try, sub top 100 on a few lower classes).

I don’t do this on all my tunes, my offroad tunes are not as tuned to the bone as it isn’t my thing as much, but I still have a couple of very usable rally spec cars up. Most of them pretty useful in online adventure.

My drift tunes are based on a lot of experience in FM4, and sliding around different test areas like festival, double hairpin, airport and others. Don’t take them too lightly, some of them are a very good starter set, others are just insane builds that will do anything for you if you have the skill to control it. All very balanced anyway.

So to make a long story short, I think I have reached a point in getting to know FH3 specifics that I am able to offer you guys my tunes in good conscience. You can easily check out my storefront by searching for my gamertag ThaJay236 in the ‘creator’ field in the menu community>photos. After you follow me you can check out what I have to offer. I’m not going to maintain a list of everything I tune. Newer tunes are usually better. But some of the older tunes seem to prove themselves with time. Come see for yourself and tell me what you think.
I recently put up a fast Ferrari Laferrari (very grippy), Ford GT HE (very high top speed, requires good throttle control) and Ultima 1020 (has both the power and grip) in S2 class.

I don’t have a huge amount of tunes up because I first want to drive it a lot to make sure it’s actually good enough to share. If it makes for a good leaderboard car I will upload it. If I love the feel I will upload it as well. But a lot of the tunes never leave my game.

CW’s Tuning Guide:

CW’s Forza Calc Spreadsheet by Clark GriswoId - Universal Edition by ThaJay:


Hey guys, I just updated the calculator to also have a tab for a wheel size calculator.

Now you can pick the optimal wheel size for your build.
It’s often best to first choose your preferred width (based on temperatures and pi). Once you have decided you can plop in the available values and it calculates the radius of the resulting wheel / tire combos. This way you are able to pick a large rear wheel and a small front wheel. For some cars this makes a lot of difference in handling so I think it needed to be in there.

Have fun tuning!

as always, make a copy to your own google drive if you want to change things around or you would rather not have other users on the file at the same time. I haven’t had any problems with other users using it at the same time yet.

If you make any improvements, please share your version on the forums so we can all benefit from the ongoing development on this :slight_smile:

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Update to the calc sheet!

I added drive type today.

You can now select FWD, RWD, AWD.
Springs stay the same, I think axle load is most important there so those need to stay balanced by weight.
ARB’s and dampers get an adjustment based on drive type.

If you select FWD, arb and damper balance move to the rear to reduce understeer on corner exit.
If you select AWD, arb and damper balance move back as well, but not as much.
If you select RWD, arb and damper balance move forwards, to reduce oversteer on exit.

You also have the option to ignore drive type so you get the old calculations. In that case you can select neutral.

As always, download to your own Google Drive if you want to work alone. Let me know what you think.

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